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Alpine & Rock Garden Society Page


of Alpine Plants and how to use

Provided is a list of Alpine societies that can provide you a world
of knowledge on Alpine plants. The membership fees are
current for 1996. I am not responsible for any future
prices unless told

Garden Society

Director of the AGS Centre
Avon Bank
WR10 3JP, UK
Membership : Single, 15 pounds; Overseas U.S. Dollar
Seed Exchange: YES

Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia

c/o Joy Curran
R.R. 1, B. 38 Bowen Island, B.C.

American Calochortus Society
PO Box 1128
Berkeley, CA 94701-1128 U.S.A.
Publications: Quarterly newsletter Fees: $8 US,
$10 international.
Seed exchange: Exclusively Calochortus

The American Dianthus Society

Rand B. Lee, President
PO Box 22232
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502-2232 USA
Fees: for US residents, $15 US per year, for Canada/Mexico
residents, $18 US per year, for residents elsewhere,
$20 US per year
Seed exchange: Dianthus spp. and cvs. and their
relatives. Publications: The Gilliflower Times (quarterly)

American Sakurasoh Association
Paul Held

195 North Avenue
Westport, CT 06880
Membership Fees: USD $25, International $30 USD

Membership brings access to hundreds of cultivars;
newsletters (4); seed; gift plants. E-mail

The Androsace Group

The Androsace Group issues for Newsletters each
year and two Androsace Notebooks. It aims to circulate
information on the cultivation and naming of these
plants and on their ecology and conservation status
in the wild. It also aims to investigate the problems
of preserving species and hybrids in cultivation
and to take what steps it can to ensure such preservation.

Don Peace
8, St. Martins Way,
Cleveland TS15 9NR
United Kingdom
Fees: GBP 4 in the UK, GBP 5 elsewhere
Seed exchange: Only Androsace and Douglasia

Botanical Society of South Africa

Claremont, 7735
South Africa
Publications: Quarterly magazine

The American Primrose

Julia Haldorson,
P.O. Box 210913
Auke Bay, Alaska 99821
Fees: US and Canadian (Individual or Household)
$25/year $70/3 years
Overseas $32/year $90/3 years
Lifetime $350
In US dollars
Seed Exchange is Primulas only”.

American Penstemon Society
Ann Bartlett, Membership Secretary
1569 South Holland Court
Lakewood, Colorado 80232 U.S.A.
Fees: USD 10 for U.S. and Canada USD 15.00 elsewhere

Publications: Two bulletins per year
Seed exchange: Exclusively Penstemons.

The Bulb Newsletter
The Bulb Newsletter is published quarterly and is
obtainable from:
B&M Mathew
90 Foley Road
Esher Surrey
Fees: UK: 10 pounds Europe: Eurocheque or International
Money Order for 12 pounds USA and other countries:
20 dollars or IMO for 12 pounds Airmail postage
is included. Cheques payable to B.Mathew.
Publications: Four bulletins per year

The Crocus Group
Ann Borrill
153 Lime Tree Avenue
NR18 0TG
Fees: 5 pounds
Publications: Yes
Seed exchange: The 1996 seed list listed 60% of
all recognised taxa, and in the 5 years since the
list started, 75% of taxa have been offered..

Cyclamen Society
D.V. Bent
Little Pilgrims Way
2 Pilgrims Way East
Kent TN14 5QN United Kingdom
Fees: GBP 5 in the UK, GBP 7 elsewhere
Seed exchange: Exclusive Cyclamen

Hardy Plant Society
Mrs. Pam Adams
Little Orchard
Great Comberton
Worcs. WR10 3DP United Kingdom
Fees: GBP 10 (GBP 16 outside Europe)
Seed exchange: around 2500 entries

Indigenous Bulb Growers of Southern Africa

PO Box 12265
N1 City 7463 South Africa
Contact: Mr. Paul F X von Stein Dues just went up;
people should contact them for info.

Klub Skalnickaru Praha
(Prague Rock Garden Club)

Pod Zvonarkou 10
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic Contact:Vojtech
Sidlistni 210
165 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
Publications: 4 bulletins per year (in Czech)
Fees (96): USD 25 or DEM 38

International Bulb Society
P.O. Box
Pasadena, CA 91109-2136 USA
Contact: Charles Gorenstein

Publications: annual journal HERBERTIA, two issues
seed exchange: more than 1000 (mostly bulbous)
entries fees: $30 for USA addresses, $40 addresses
outside the USA

New Zealand Alpine Garden

P.O.Box 2984
Christchurch, New Zealand
Fees: (all in NZ currency) Single: $20.00 Double
and Family: $22.00 Under 21 years of age: $10 Overseas
Members: $25

The North American Rock Garden Society

Executive Secretary, NARGS
Contact: J. Mommens

PO Box 67
Millwood, NY 10546
General Membership, $25 (domestic or foreign, single
or joint); Patron $75; Life Member, 49-59 years
old, $500; over 60 years old, $450.
Seed exchange: Yes, and over 6000 species to choose
Four bulletins

Northern Horticultural Society
Harlow Carr Botanical Gardens
Crag Lane
Harrogate HG3 1QB
United Kingdom
Publications: 4 bulletins per year
Fees: GBP 20

Ontario Rock Garden Society
Andrew Osyany
Box 146
Ont. L0N 1S0 Canada
Fees: Canada: CAD 17.50 individual, CAD 22 familiy

USA: USD 17.50 individual, USD 22 familiy
Elsewhere: CAD 25
Publications: 10 newsletters per year.
Contact: Sue

RHS Lily Group
Dr A.F.Hayward
Rosemary Cottage
Glouchester GL19 3NG England
Publications: 3 newsletters per year
Fees (96): 5 GBP (or 15 GBP for three years)
Seed exchange: Mostly Liliaceae and bulbous plants

The Scottish Rock Garden Club

The Scottish Rock Garden Club
PO Box 14063
EH10 4YE Scotland, UK.

Membership Rates:
They are : U.K. single £12;
Family, (2 adults and two children under 18, living
at the same address) £14; Junior (under
18 years) or additional adult or child in family
membership £3.
Overseas membership: Single £15 (US$25);
Family (as UK) £18 (US$32); Junior (or additional
amember, as UK) £6 (US$10).
Overseas Subscription includes Seed Exchange
Payment by Cheque on British bank, IMO, EuroCheque,
or Giro (182 2756, add GBP2) Payment by Credit
Card will be available December 1996 Local payment
arrangements in Australia, New Zealand, Norway
and Sweden
Publications: The Rock Garden, twice a year, also
booklist. Contact:
Margaret Young

Sedum Society
c/o Ron Mills
173 Colchester Road
West Bergholt,
Colchester Essex, CO6 3JY United Kingdom
Publications: 4 newsletters per year
Seed (and plant exchange): Exclusively Sedum

Sino-Himalayan Plant Association (SHPA)

81 Parlaunt Road
Berks, SL3 8BE England
Contact: Chris Chadwell
Publications: 2 bulletins per year
Fees (96): GBP 8 for UK residents GBP 10, USD 18
or FF 100 for foreigners
Seed exchange: Small – only seeds of plants of certain
Sino-Himalayan origin, and accurately identified
are accepted.

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