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The American Primrose Society (APS),

founded in 1941 in the Portland, Oregon has grown to become an international organization with members in the United States, Canada and 21 other foreign countries.

The society is dedicated to providing its members with information about the taxonomy, culture and hybridization of Primulas.

Members of the primula genus are found all around the Northern Hemisphere, on the southern tip of South America, in Outer Mongolia, under sandstone cliffs in the Utah desert, in mountainous bogs of Burma and in the tundra of the Aleutians. In other words, there is a primula for every gardener–whether the winter low is 40 degrees below zero or 50 above.

How do you learn about the more than 425 species? Where do you get seed? What kind of growing conditions do you need? When do you plant? Who are the primrose mentors who will share what they know?

Answers to these questions come by joining American Primrose Society. Membership brings a handsome quarterly publication to your mailbox. It connects you with other primrose enthusiasts. It gives you access to collected and garden-grown seed from around the world, including experimental strains and old favorites from commercial hybridizers.

Some primroses have been propagated for more than 500 years. Others are being discovered by modern plant explorers. Share this exciting world by joining American Primrose Society.


Members of APS:

  • receive four issues of Quarterly, Primroses year containing articles with the latest information on culture and hybridization of Primulas, discovery of new species and their introduction into cultivation, Society activities, and articles about people who grow and show Primulas.
  • may participate in an annual seed distribution containing seeds of many species and hybrids. Some are obtainable from no other source. In addition, we have provided some seed and plant sources.
  • may participate in a Round Robin with enthusiastic Primula growers in other parts of the world.
  • meet and enjoy the friendship of other Primula growers.
  • may participate in the meetings and activities of an APS chapter in your area.
  • may order slide programs and videos from the APS slide library
  • receive discount prices on books from our Bookstore.


Many newcomers to the Primula world may be a bit hesitant to try new species and varieties. We have provided a list of primulas for a wide range of habitats and gardening sites. All are easy to grow and provide you with a starter collection of spectacular Primula blooms.

Our President provides APS members with helpful advice on growing Primulas.


Ed Buyarski

P.O. Box 33077

Juneau, Alaska 99803-3077 USA


The annual rate for both domestic and foreign memberships, either individual or household, is:

  • $25 US per year / $70 US for three years
  • $32 US Overseas members
  • $90 US Overseas for three years.
  • Lifetime – $350
  • Membership Form

Membership is based on the calendar year. The APS prefers that foreign members make payment in the form of an international money order or Credit Card.

Make checks payable or provide a VISA/MASTERCARD credit card number to the American Primrose Society and mail


Jon Kawaguchi
APS Membership/Treasurer
3524 Bowman Ct
Alameda, CA


When writing for information or sending in membership dues, please indicate you learned about APS from this now unoffical home page.

This was the original society homepage, society banners were removed  Press here to see the New Improved Society Web Page

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