The Pacific Northwest Rock Garden

This is a south facing view of my garden

where the rock garden resides. The soil was to hard

to have Alpines or Rock garden plants to thrive so

I had to raise the soil. The neighbor had a few large

bolder left from the rock wall and a little talking

the the tractor guy, I was able to get the rocks moved

in place. The next step was to place a erosion barrier

fabric at the base to help hold in any particulates

for the plant roots. After a little digging and the

fabric was laid, on came the unwashed pea gravel.

To add a little more particulate, I top dressed the

pea gravel with a mixture of sand and peatmoss and

washed it all down with the garden hose.

Plant list in the rock garden.

Arabis 'Spring Charm'

Artemisia stellerana 'Silver Brocade'

Berberis Thunbergii 'Nana'

Bergenia Vars. (Evening Glow)

Campanula poscharskyana

Dianthus Knappii

Erica Herbacea "Mediterranean Pink'

Erica Herbacea 'Springwood White'

Erica Vagans 

Erigeron Karvinskyanus

Erigeron Karvinskyanus

Gentiana gracilipes

Gentiana kurroo

Gentiana ornata x fareri

Geranium Endressii

Hebe Buchananii

Hebe Cupressoides

Ibreris Sempervirens 

Kniphofia "little Maid'

Lithospermum 'Grace Ward'

Sedum telephium 'Arthur Branch'

Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Zauschneria Californica



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