Pacific Northwest Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean garden is a nice garden

which receives the afternoon sun. The soil hear was

also very heavy in clay. I lost a lot of plants my

first winter due to poor drainage. To resolve this

problem, I mounded beds with soil to provide additional

drainage. Lots of fun. I hate weeds and I am getting

lazy. I told myself, I have to get off this computer

and start cleaning my garden.

Artemisia absynthium 'Huntington Gardens'

Berberis Thunbergii "Atropurpurea'

Buddleia Nanhoensis 'Petit Plum'

Euphorbia characius Wulfenii

Euphorbia Cherokee

Euphorbia dulcis Chameleon

Euphorbia Griffith ' Dixter'

Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow'

Euphorbia x Martinii

Iris Unguicularis

Lavandula 'Munstead'

Lavandula Latifolia

Lavatera Thuringiaca 'Barnsley'

Lavender angustifolia Mitcham Grey

Lavender intermedia Grosso

Sedum 'Vera Jameson'

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