January Perennial Flowers

A dormant perennial garden in the Seattle area.  This was one of the most enjoyable projects, planting over 300 plants. It was truly a beautiful garden.  Currently, they have divided the property and built a house on top of the garden.  Sad. PNW Perennial Garden January | April | May | June | July |  August |

The Pacific Northwest Xeriscape Garden

Provided is the list of plants to support a drought tolerant environment. These plants were planted in the spring and required frequent watering until I felt the roots were well established. After all my hard work, the first winter provided wind chills below zero and majority of the new plant growth was killed off. Lessons learned if I knew of […]

Pacific Northwest Perennial Garden

A perennial border is somewhat of a heavy maintenance project. When I started this project, the soil condition was very poor. It consisted of heavy clays and traditional tractor squish em hardpan. Even today when it rains cats and dogs (never in the PNW) the water just runs off to bog garden. To solve the hardpan problem, I amended 40 […]

Pacific Northwest Mediterranean Garden

  The Mediterranean garden is a nice garden which receives the afternoon sun. The soil hear was also very heavy in clay. I lost a lot of plants my first winter due to poor drainage. To resolve this problem, I mounded beds with soil to provide additional drainage. Lots of fun. I hate weeds and I am getting lazy. I […]

The Pacific Northwest Climate Garden

As you well know, the world can communicate and share each others interests as simply as turning on the computer and viewing the feast of information on the WWW. Of course, my current hobby is gardening (family first) which started by buying a home. Don’t be fooled, all gardeners at one time were clueless and each day we continuously learn […]

PNW Shade Garden

The shade garden is very small and of course has a “drainage” problem. I added a drainage pipe at the base of each side of the shade garden to displace the winter rains. During a heavy downpoor of rain, it can leave a nasty puddle of water. Not to good for some of the plants I have. I removed some […]