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ABOUT OUR PLANTS: We are growing and shipping as many plants as possible in 3 ½”wide by 3 ½” deep  pots.  Our plants are grown without any artificial heat either in open ended hoop houses or in the open on ground cloth. This allows us to produce hardy plants that are much more closely in character than alpine plants grown in heated greenhouses. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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AETHIONEMA aff. CAESPITOSUM (RM) H-2” Very compact mounds of narrow, blue foliage with masses of rose-pink blooms held on short stems. A fabulous miniature for the trough or scree. We really enjoy it planted in a sunny crevice where it stands out and can be seen well.  Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

AETHIONEMA OPPOSITIFOLIUM H-2” This very  choice little plant is one of the first things to come into bloom in late winter and early spring here at the nursery and is always much anticipated as a harbinger of things to come as we warm up into spring. It forms dense mounds of small, rounded , glaucous blue leaves with rather large blooms of soft lavender which open from purple buds. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ALLIUM CYANEUM-COMPACT H-6” Clumps of narrow foliage and wiry stems holding clusters of  blue flowers. Very showy.  This is small enough for a trough and also does well in any well drained soil. Plant it in groups for the best effect. China. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ALLUIM PERDULCE H-5” Blooms so fragrant they smell like a Daphne! Rosy-purple blooms on a very compact plant. Wonderful in a sunny trough. Texas. F,r,s,t. $7.00

ALLIUM THUNBERGII ALBUM H-8” Forms attractive clumps of dark green foliage with pure white blooms in late summer and fall. This is one of the nicest plants in our sand beds in the fall. We have it scattered about through out some of our larger beds where it makes a marvelous show and adds a lot of interest when not much else is blooming in the garden.  Japan. F,r,s. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ALYSSUM CAESPITOSUM [JURASEK LIST] H-1/2’ A neat, tight mat of very tiny ash-gray foliage with rather large clusters of rich yellow blooms. A gem for a trough or raised bed. We also use this little beauty in our rock crevices where it adds year around interest.  Ala Dag, Turkey. F,s,t. $6.00

ALYSSUM PULVINARIS (JJH980892) H-2” Forms tight, low cushions of tiny, silvery-gray, ovate leaves with nearly stemless rich yellow blooms. A first rate plant which is easy to please and just gets better with age. Altai Mts. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ALYSSUM OXYCARPUM H-2” Compact mounds of shinning silver oval leaves with clusters of bright yellow blooms on very short stems. This is one of the best silver foliage plants in our garden and it is beautiful through out the year.  Balkans. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ALYSSUM TETRASTEMON H-3” A dwarf species with very small gray-green foliage and attractive sprays of bright yellow flowers. A good trough plant. 6000’ Sultan Dag, Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ANDROSACE CARNEA ssp. BRIGANTIACA H-5” Dark-green, narrow, linear foliage forms clumps which increase from offsets. The pretty white flowers are often flushed pink and are held on 4” stems. This is an easy species for a cool spot in the rock garden or in a cool trough. Southern Alps. P,r,s,t. $6.00

ANDROSACE CARNEA X PYRENAICA “MILLSTREAM”  H-2” An outstanding hybrid from Linc Foster that features very tight mounds of bright green  foliage and beautiful, pale pink blossoms with a yellow throat. I think of the Fosters whenever I see this plant in bloom and it is one of the best of Linc`s creations.  P,r,s,t. $7.00

ANDROSACE CYLINDRICA H-3” A beautiful form of this species which we grew from wild seed collected in the Val de Ossae. It makes tight domes of tiny foliage that is covered by stemless white blooms in early spring. The domes are attractive all year around. P,s,t,pt. $7.00

ANDROSACE HEDRAEANTHA H-4” A tight bun of shiny-green, blunt-tipped foliage topped by a tight umbel of pink flowers with a yellow eye. One of the earliest to bloom. Sweet scent. Bulgaria. P,r,s,t. $6.00

ANDROSACE HIRTELLA H-3” Forms tight rounded cushions of tiny, hairy foliage. It produces a heavy bloom of single white flowers that are almost stem-less. It has a light scent of vanilla and is very desirable and easy. Pyrenees. P,s,t,wc. $7.00

ANDROSACE x HYBRIDA (A. HELVETICA x A. PUBESCENS) H-3” Nice, tight domes of small rosettes with almost stem-less white blooms. This plant is much easier to grow than A. Helvetica and looks great in a trough which is covered in winter. A natural hybrid from the Swiss Alps. P,s,t,wc. $7.00

ANDROSACE INCANA H-3” Rather open mats of silky-hairy rosettes with large, fragrant white blooms on 3” stems. Does well in our sand beds and troughs. Altai Mts. F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

ANDROSACE MUCRONIFOLIA H-2” A very small Androsace that slowly creeps to form a non-stoloniferous mat. Tiny rosettes of foliage with almost stemless pink flowers. We find this to be an easy choice Androsace for the open garden where it does well in a trough or a crevice in a sunny scree. Nepal. F,s,t. $7.00

ANDROSACE MUCRONIFOLIA x A. SEMPERVIVOIDES H-2” An easy to grow plant which is nicely intermediate between the two parents. Forms tight mats of green rosettes similar to A. sempervivoides but with stem-less pink blooms. Our selection from seed. Does well in the open garden.  F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

ANDROSACE MUSCOIDEA `BREVISCAPA’ H-3” More condensed and less hairy than the type, it forms dense cushions with a heavy bloom of stem-less white flowers with a yellow eye. This makes a great addition to a covered trough.  Himalayas. S,ps,t,p,wc. $7.00

ANDROSACE PYRENAICA `ROSEA’ H-2” This plant is certainly a hybrid most likely to A. carnea but it is a really marvelous addition to your Androsace collection. It makes dense mounds of tiny, tightly packed, hairy foliage studded with small, stem-less pink blooms with a yellow eye. A great addition to a trough which receives winter cover or grow it as a potted plant. F,p,s,t,pt. $7.00

ANDROSACE PYRENAICA x CYLINDRICA H-3” Tight domes of small rosettes with stem-less white blooms. This is very much like A. cylindrical x hirtella but even more compact and easier to grow. A perfect choice for a trough. P,s,t,pt. $6.00

ANDROSACE SEMPERVIVIODES CC& McK 394 H-4” A beautiful, vigorous plant with rosettes and blooms which are almost twice as large as the type. We use this plant extensively in our sand beds where it makes a great show in late spring when it covers itself with large, pink flowers. Very easy to please. Nepal. F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

ANDROSACE SEMPERVIVIODES “SUSAN JOAN” H-3” This forms tight mats of green rosettes which take on a nice red tinge in winter. It is noted for its` extra heavy bloom of bright pink flowers. Easy in the open garden.  F,p,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANDROSACE STUDIOSORUM `DOKSA LA’ H-4” Makes beautiful mats of silver-white rosettes which bear umbels of 10 to 20 white blooms sometimes tinged pink. This terrific form of what is usually a pink flowered species was found by Margaret and Henry Taylor in Nepal. It makes an excellent garden plant when given good drainage and bright light. F,r,s. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANDROSACE VANDELLII H-3”This is one of our favorite Androsace. It forms very tight domes of tiny silver foliage and produces a heavy bloom of single, white flowers with a yellow throat. It needs winter cover but produces really stunning plants when grown in a trough or pot where it can remain happy for many years and spread into a large plant.  Maybe the best! Alps & Pyrennes. P,s,t,wc. $7.00

ANDROSACE WULFENIANA H-2” The flat, tight cushions of tiny, dark-green foliage with stem-less pink blooms with a little yellow eye make this a very distinctive Androsace. This is a good blooming form of this species which is often said to be a poor bloomer in cultivation. Austrian Alps. P,s,t,wc. $7.00

ANEMONE APENNINA `PLENA’ (FORMALLY OFFERED AS A. APENNINA `CANON ELLACOMBE’) H-5” Slow spreading mats of toothed, trilobed foliage form from hard tubers. The very pretty fully double light blue blooms are 2” across and appear in late spring. This makes a lovely pot plant or it can be grown in the open garden in any fairly well drained soil. F,p,r,t. $8.00

ANEMONE NEMORSA `ALBA PLENA’ H-4” Forms small colonies of green foliage from woody rhizomes and produces attractive white flowers with neat white pom-pom centers in spring. No woodland garden should be without at some selections of this easy and beautiful species!. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANEMONE NEMORSA `BLUE EYES’ H-4” This is a much sought after clone which has double white blooms which form a small blue eye as the blooms age. This is very beautiful and a good garden plant. P,r. $6.00

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `BRACTEATA’ H-5”A beautiful white form of this species with a congested green center. Very showy and different! P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `DEE DAY’ H-4” An old clone from the 1940`s which is very early blooming and compact with lovely lavender-blue flowers. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `GINNY’ H-4” This is a very compact form which covers itself with mid-blue blooms and is very vigorous. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `GRAHAM GRACE’ H-4” A vigorous form which bears large, semi double white blooms. This is a seedling from A. `Blue Eyes’ which was selected by the proprietor. First time offered. P,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `GREEN DREAM’ H-4” Showy white blooms with an extruded green and black center which really gets your attention. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `GREEN FINGERS’ H-5”” An unusual form with blooms that are green, tinged white with pointed, finely dissected green sepals which look like little fingers pointed skyward. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANEMONE NEMORSA `HANNAH GUBBAY’  H-5” A vigorous compact form with lots of soft blue flowers in spring. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `LYCHETTE’ H-6” This form has large, pure white blooms up to 2” across. An excellent vigorous woodland plant. P,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `MART`S BLUE’ H-5” A late flowering of small, dark blue blooms on plants that hold their foliage longer than other forms. Estonia. P,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ANEMONE NEMOROSA `ROSEA’ H-5” Blooms open white and soon turn rich pink. P,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ANEMONE RANUNCULOIDES H-5” Forms colonies from rhizomes much like A. nemorosa with golden yellow blooms. An early bloomer. P,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ANEMONE x SEEMANNII (A. NEMOROSA x A. RANUNCULOIDES) H-5” Forms strong colonies of soft yellow blooms that brighten the woodland garden in early spring. One of our favorites. P,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ANEMONE TRIFOLIA H-6” Similar to A. nemerosa but with the leaflets all sharply toothed instead of lobed and lacking basal foliage. Solitary white blooms. Splendid woodland plant. Southern Europe. P,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ANEMONELLA THALICTROIDES `SHOAF`S DOUBLE’ (SYN. `OSCAR SHOAF’) H-6” The best known and most popular of the double Anemonella this plant has very fully double blooms of rich pink. P,r,pt. $10.00 LIMIT ONE

AQUILEGIA PYRENAICA H-5” A dwarf form of this well known species with rich blue blooms held on short stems over mounds of segmented, blue-green leaves. The blooms have short, incurved spurs. This has spread into attractive small colonies in our sand beds.  Pyrenees. F,r,s,t. $6.00

AQUILEGIA SAXIMONTANA H-4” This is a really cute little columbine which likes a cooler spot in the trough or garden such as an east facing crevice. It features blue and white blooms with short spurs. Colorado Rockys. P,r,s,t. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

AQUILEGIA SCOPULORUM H-4” The most beautiful of all of the tiny columbines with large blooms in shades of blue and very long, trailing spurs. Perfect in a trough or crevice. Utah. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ARABIS ACULEOLATA (NNS) H-6” Low clumps of very attractive, blistered, dark green, obovate leaves which are decorated with short, white hairs. The showy flowers are almost 1” across and pink to rose. N. California. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ARABIS BRYOIDES H-2” The cushions of small, hairy foliage form a decorative mound covered with white blooms held on very short stems in spring . This is an attractive and easy plant for the rock garden, trough or scree. F,r,s,t. Balkans. $6.00

ARABIS CAUCASICA ssp. BREVIFOLIA H-4” Mounds of beautiful silver-gray foliage with clusters of white flowers with a yellow eye. This makes a great wall plant or try it between some rock work. Oyuklu Dag, Turkey 5600’. F,r,s. $6.00

ARABIS SPECIES H-3” This delightful little plant has rounded, glossy, dark-green, evergreen leaves with clusters of rather large white blooms held in clusters on short stems. We really like this plant when grown in a crevice or trough. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ARCTERICA NANA H-3” Tiny, oval, dark-green leaves, which turn bronzy-red in winter, form very slow spreading mats form small stolons. Whorls of fragrant white flowers on short stems. A very choice little shrub from the mountains of Japan. F,p,r,t. $9.00

ARENARIA ALFACARENSIS H-2” Dense, hard domes of tiny, acute foliage make this plant interesting the year around. Stem-less white flowers. Lime lover. This plant looks great in crevices in our sand beds or in a trough. 5500’ Sierra Segura, Spain. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ARENARIA `BLUE CASCADE’ H-2” This distinctive plant makes tight mats of rich blue, needle-like foliage with white flowers on 4” stems. We first came across this plant at 7000’ in the Goat Rocks. Beautiful! F,r,s. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ARENARIA AFF: DIANTHOIDES H-8” Forms tufted mounds of  narrow, grass-like leaves with dense clusters of large white flowers held terminal heads. Very attractive in a trough or rock garden. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00
ARENARIA HOOKERI v. DESERTORUM H-2” This famous Great Basin plant makes very dense cushions of tightly packed, tiny green leaves. It bears cymes of white blooms on very short stems. This does best for us with winter cover but does not need cover in drier climates. 7300’ Emory Co., UT. F,r,s,t,wc. $6.00

ARENARIA KASHMICA H-3” A rarely seen plant which forms dense mounds of thin, grass-like leaves topped with large white flowers held one or two to a stem. This has been a good garden plant for us and it looks nice even in winter when it takes on golden hues. Nepal. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

ARENARIA OBTUSILOBA H-1” Very dense tight mats of tiny, dark-green foliage with single white blooms sometimes flushed violet. A choice little plant for the scree or trough  and we use it throughout our sand beds. Olympic Mts. F,s,t. $6.00

ARENARIA PSUEDOACANTOLIMON H-7”  This plant forms large mounds of very narrow, spiny, gray-green foliage. The masses of white flowers are held on 6” stems. A mature plant makes a stunning sight in the sunny rock garden or scree. Turkey. F,s,r. $6.00

ARENARIA SPECIES ex. WALLOWA MTS. H-4” Forms beautiful, rock-hard domes that are best when grown in a trough, crevice or scree. Tiny, almost stem-less white blooms. Wallowa Mts. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ARENARIA TETRAQUETRA v. ARETIODES H-1” This is much like other forms of this well known species making tight mats of tiny foliage but with one big difference, it absolutely covers itself with white star flowers in spring to the extent that you cannot even see the foliage. Easy to please in a sunny scree or trough. Spain. F,r,s,t. $7.00

ARISAEMA CONSANGUINEUM H-24” + The large foliage is divided into narrow, lanceolate leaflets. The 5” long spathe is green with purple and white stripes with the tip forming a long tail. A very attractive plant for a protected site in the woodland. Himalayas. P,r. $10.00

ARISAEMA SIKOKIANUM H-15” This is our favorite species of this genus with brownish-purple spathes bearing white stripes. The foliage often develops silver marbling with age. Japan. P,r. $12.00

ARISAEMA THUNBERGII H-20” Leaf  is divided into many very slender, acute leaflets.  The spathe is about 5” long and is reddish-purple. An elegant woodland plant form Japan. P,r,pt. $12.00

ARISAEMA THUNBERGII DARK FLOWERED FORM H-20” Large leaves formed of narrow leaflets. The spathes on this form are such a dark purple as to appear to be black with a long tail at the tip. Japan. P,r. $12.00

ARTEMISIA GLOMERATA H-5” Our friend Hans Sauter of Seattle collected this fine plant along the banks of the Hula Hula River as it passes through Alaska`s Brooks Range in 1990. Forms small mounded shrubs of fan shaped gray leaves which are covered with silky white hairs. Woody at the base. A beautiful and rarely grown plant. F,r,s,t. $7.00

ASPERULA ARCADIENSIS H-4” This plant is often mistaken for A. suberosa and is sometimes sold under this name. It makes loose mounds of very pretty hairy, silver-gray foliage and holds clusters of rich pink, tubular blooms at the tips of the stems. Best if protected from winter wet but it does survive our winters here in the open. Greece. F,r,s,t. $7.00

ASPERULA SINTENISII H-2” One of the best of the genus forming dense mats of tiny gray foliage with many ½” tubular pink blooms in late spring. This does perfectly for us in a crevice in a sunny sand bed without winter cover where it totally covers itself with bloom. Turkey. F,s,t. $7.00

ASPERULA SPECIES H-2” We purchased this plant as A. pontica but it is not. It forms dense mats of hairy green foliage with many rich red-pink blooms which open from red buds on short stems. A beautiful plant for a sunny scree or wall. F,s,t. $6.00

AUBRIETA GRACILIS ssp SCARDICA H-4” A form which makes very dense, hard domes of small foliage perfect for a trough. It bears rich purple blooms in clusters on very short stems. We also use this plant extensively in our sand beds and in walls. Balkans. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

AUBRIETA OLYMPICA [JURASEK LIST] H-1” A neat little compact form which makes  tight mats of tiny toothed foliage with large single blue blooms on 1” stems. This stays flat as a pancake when grown in our sand beds.  Repeats blooms for us in the fall. Turkey. F,r,s. $6.00

BENTHAMIELLA PATAGONICA (F&W9968) H-2” Hard cushions of tiny, linear leaves with a white tip look very good even in winter. It bears stem-less, tubular white blooms which sit right down on the cushion. This is a real gem which is doing fine so far in our sand beds when planted on the vertical but might be best with winter cover. Patagonia. F,s,t,wc. $7.00

BRODIAEA TERESTRIS H-4” This is a pretty little western American blub well suited to the raised bed or trough. It has lilac to purple blooms and narrow foliage and is quite hardy. It adapts well to most soils. S. Oregon. F,p,r,t. $6.00

BUXUS MICROPHYLLUS `COMPACTA’ H-6” This is an extremely small, slow growing form which puts on less than ½” of growth per year. We have 20 year old plants in our garden that are only about 6”H x 12” W and extremely attractive.  This makes an outstanding trough shrub. Japan. P,r,t. $8.00

CALANDRINIA CAESPITOSA H-3” This forms tight hummocks from small rosettes of short, fleshy leaves. It bears many small brilliant orange flowers held on short stems in late spring and summer. This plant does well in the open garden especially if given some protection from winter wet. Argentina. F,r,s,t. $7.00

CALANDRINIA CAESPITOSA `SKOTTSBERGII’ H-4” Bright green rosettes of narrow, fleshy leaves with large, single orange flowers held on 2” stems. A very ornamental species which is perfect for a trough or a crevice in the sunny scree. Chile. F,r,s,t. $8.00

CALANDRINIA CISTIFLORA H-5” A bushy plant with linear, fleshy leaves which sometimes sends out new growth from rhizomes but maintains an upright habit. It bears very pretty, large white blooms with a large yellow eye. Argentina. F,r,s,t,wc. $7.00

CAMPANULA ARVATIC ALBA  H-3”Forms small mats of little heart shaped leaves making a nice display in a trough or crevice in the rock garden. The large, pure white star shaped blooms are held on 3” stems. N. Spain. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA AUTRANIANA H-6” Spreading mats of ovate leaves with showy violet-purple blooms held on wiry stems make this a real standout in the sand bed or scree. This is a rather new introduction from the Caucasus. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA x BIRCH HYBRID (C.PORTENSCHLAGIANA x POSCHARSKYANA) H-4” A well known plant which produces masses of rich dark bluish-purple blooms in summer. It is one of the best Campanula for a wall where it is spectacular. F,r,s. $6.00
CAMPANULA CARPATICA `GRAHAM GIANT’ H-5” A most unusual compact form of this species which features a long summer bloom of giant size, 2 ½” up-facing  flowers of rich royal purple. It does very well in the open garden where it spreads to form a small mat. It is our selection from seed. F,r,s. $6.00

CAMPANULA CHAMISSONIS `OYOBENII’ H-4” This creeping mat-former with pretty bright green, shiny foliage and very large solid blue, up-facing blooms is one of our favorite species and is one of the best alpine Campanula. It does best in a site which does not dry out too much and has some humus. Japan. F,r,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA CHORUHENSIS [JURASEK LIST] H-5” A very choice cliff dweller with toothed, gray-green foliage and large white cup-shaped blooms that are often tinged pink.  It is excellent in a wall or crevice and makes a stunning pot plant. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA COCHLEARIFOLIA “ELIZABETH OLIVER” H-4” An attractive, fully double, powder-blue form of this easy & popular dwarf Campanula, it makes a good plant in the open garden. All forms of C. Cochlearifolia are quite restrained when grown in lean mixes. F,s,r,pt. $6.00

CAMPANULA CORIACEA H-6” Toothed, thick textured leaves form a dense tuft. Large sprays of many lilac-blue blooms in late summer. This is very good in a sunny wall or crevice. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA FENESTRELLATA H-5” Dense cushions of small, dentate leaves with large, bright blue star flowers decorated with a white eye make this the perfect plant for a sunny crevice in the rock work. It is found growing on lime stone cliffs in nature but does well without lime. Easy to please. Croatia. F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA x HAYLODGENSIS [C.CARPATICA X C.COCHLEARIFOLIA] H-3” A hybrid which makes slow spreading mats with large, rich blue, fully-double flowers that look like little blue roses. This plant blooms later than most other Campanula extending the season for this invaluable genus. It is very hardy and easy in the open garden. F,p,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA HERCEGOVINA “NANA” H-3” The pretty mounds of tiny foliage are covered with small blooms of rich violet in summer and fall. This is one of the smallest of the Campanula which makes it perfect for a trough and it is tough enough for the open garden. Balkans. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA HYPOPOLIA H-4” This is an unusual Campanula in that it is deciduous and tufted. It has very narrow, lanceolate, dark-green leaves which are heavily serrated along the margins. The pretty flowers are tubular-campanulate and the lobes are deeply cut to half way down the bloom. It likes a sunny spot in our sand beds or grow it as a container plant where it makes a beautiful show. Caucasus.  F,s,r,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA JAUBERTIANA H-4” Slow spreading mounds of tiny, toothed foliage which is totally covered with masses of small, violet-blue bells held on short stems in summer. It won a Farrer Medal in 2001. We grow this little beauty in sunny crevices of the sand beds and in troughs. We also have a large pot full of this plant which makes a grand show in early summer.  Balkans. F,p,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA “MARION FISHER” H-4”This is a rather new and rarely seen introduction from the U.K. It has a very compact habit and produces masses of fully double white blooms. It is superb in a trough or plant it in a crevice in the rock work where it soon fills the crevice. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA `ODYSSEY’ H-5” This delightful little plant “showed up” as a bee hybrid in a batch of seedlings we grew from C. caespitosa here at the nursery. It makes mats of small, pointed, toothed foliage which starts out bronze with pink highlights in early spring and ages to dark green. The masses of small, pendent bell flowers of rich violet are held in clusters at the tips of the 5” stems. This makes a beautiful container plant and does well in the open garden.  F,r,s,t. $7.00

CAMPANULA `PETER NIX’ H-5” This compact C. carpatica hybrid forms mounds of small, dentate leaves and is covered in late summer and fall with lots of 1” bright blue bells. It is wonderful in the rock garden and is an easy to please Campanula. F,r,s. $6.00

CAMPANULA PERSICIFOLIA v. PLANIFLORA (C. NITIDA)-SELECT WHITE H-6” This beautiful form showed up as a seedling here at the nursery and makes very compact clumps of heavily crinkled, dark green foliage and exceptionally large white flowers. This grows well in both our sand beds and troughs. F,p,r,s,t. . $6.00

CAMPANULA `PIONEER’ (C.PARYI x C.PIPERI) H-5”  This is a new introduction from our many bee hybrids. Low mats of dentate green leaves much like C. piperi with clusters of deep blue star flowers held on strong stems much like C. parryi.  It is easy to please and looks very good in a trough. . F,r,s,t. $6.00

1340 CAMPANULA PIPERI  H-2” Forms a loose mat of rosettes of tiny dentate leaves with star flowers of lavender-blue. This plant likes to run its roots under shallow rocks. One of the finest of the alpine Campanula. We grow it in an area that is covered in the winter but open to the weather on all sides with good results. Olympic Mts. F,pt,r,s,t,wc. $7.00

CAMPANULA PORTENSCHLAGIANA `LIESLOTTE’ H-4” This easy to please Campanula makes evergreen clumps of small leaves. It is a new introduction which features white blooms which age to ice-blue. We grow this pleasing rock garden plant in many places in our sand beds even in the walls where it makes a nice display. F,r,s. $6.00

CAMPANULA PULLA H-4” Grows into mats of shiny-green rosettes with gorgeous single, pendent blooms of rich purple.  This is one of the proprietors` favorite Campanula. Austrian Alps. F,r,s. $6.00

CAMPANULA RAINERI H-4” Forms mats of small, ash-gray foliage with large, up-facing blooms of rich blue held one to three per stem. It needs protection from the hot afternoon sun and slugs.  It grows on limestone cliffs in the Italian Alps and is a classic alpine plant. P,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA RAINERI x C. PULLA H-4” This is a wonderful recent hybrid from Brian Burrows the former owner of Lismore Nursery U.K. The plant forms flat mats of small foliage similar to C. raineri and bears clusters of funnel-form blue blooms more like C. pulla. This is a great trough subject. F,s,t. $7.00

CAMPANULA ROTUNDIFOLIA subsp. ARCTICA “MT. JOTUNHEIMEN” H-3”  This is a miniature harebell with large, pendent blue flowers held on 3” stems.  It was selected in Norway by Henrik Zetterlund and introduced to America by Grandridge Nursery. We find it to be a perfect for a trough and it does well in crevices in the rock work of our sand beds.  F,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA SAXIFRAGA H-5” The cushions of crimped foliage that is lightly toothed at the tips are most attractive and they are topped by flowers which are a rich violet purple and are held singly on 4” stems. This is a  lovely, long lived plant. Caucasus. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA x STANSFIELDII H-5” Thought to be a cross between C. carpatica and C. tommasiniana. It makes dense clumps of up-right stems with clusters of large, violet-purple, cup-shaped blooms. Farrer Medal 2004. This makes a good garden plant and a spectacular pot plant. F,r,s. $6.00

CAMPANULA `SOJOURNER’ (C.PARRYI x C.PIPERI) H-4” A bee hybrid that showed up in a batch of C. parryi seedlings here at the nursery it is a delightful plant which makes a wonderful display when in bloom. It forms tight mats of small, toothed foliage with large sprays of rich lavender blooms in summer. Vigorous and lovely! F,p,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA SOSNOWSKYI H-6” A new introduction from the Caucasus Mts. Clumps of narrow, erect foliage with upright stems bearing large, single bloomsof rich violet-purple. An excellent rock garden plant and small enough for a trough. F,r,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA TROEGERAE H-8” Tufts of striking, gray-green cordate leaves. Pale pink buds open to very large white flowers that eventually open almost flat with strongly exerted stamens. One of our favorite Campanula. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

CAMPANULA ZOYSII H-4” Makes small mats of tiny foliage with clusters of bottle shaped blue flowers held on 4” stems. Much loved by slugs so we grow ours in pots and troughs. N. Italy. F,s,pt,t. $7.00

CARDAMINE TRIFOLIA H-7” An attractive evergreen woodland plant which forms dense mounds of  toothed, orbicular leaves which are purplish beneath. The ½” white blooms are held in racemes on 6” stems. This plant spreads slowly via surface-creeping rhizomes. Southern Europe. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

CAREX FIRMA VARIEGATA H-3” A choice little miniature sedge ideal for a trough. It has dark green foliage with a wide, creamy-yellow edge and is a really eye catching plant. It looks good year round. Alps. F,r,t. $6.00

CARMICHAELIA NANA H-3” This is a very cute and tiny shrub with leafless, broom-like green stems that form a dense clump. The pretty white and violet pea-flower blooms sit right on the foliage. This plant is quite hardy in the open and looks very good in a trough with other New Zealand plants. F,p,r,s,t. $7.00

CASSIOPE ` ASKIVAL’ [C.WARDII x C. FASTIGIATA] H-12” A wonderful bee hybrid which arose at Mike & Polly Stone`s Askival Nursery. It has thick, squared-off stems with hairy, gray-green leaves. The stems are lightly branched toward the tips and bear white campanulate flowers with a green calyx. Looks very much like C. wardii but does not get the die back so common in that species. We have a huge pot of this plant which we have grown for many years and it is one of the easier to please Cassiope for the garden.  P,r,pt. $9.00

CASSIOPE `BADENOCH’ (C. LYCOPODIOIDES x C. FASTIGIATA) H-7” Slender, heavily branched stems bear a very reliable bloom of white urn-shaped flowers in late April. All of the Cassiope like a cool site with well drained soil that does not dry out. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE `BEARSDEN’ (C. LYCOPODIOIES x C. FASTIGIATA) H-6” This forms a small shrub with thin, many branched stems which bear a very reliable bloom of pretty white bells. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE `EDINBURGH’ [C.FASTIGIATA x C.TETRAGONA v. SAXIMONTANA” H-8” A robust plant with strong stems of rich green bearing large numbers of pure white bells at the tips. It takes more heat than most Cassiope. All of the Cassiope like a cool position in the garden with a gritty, humus rich soil. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE LYCOPODIOIDES H-4” Makes a dense, prostrate shrub with tightly adpressed foliage which lays flat on the ground. The lovely pendent white bells are held on short red stems. This is a really choice plant for the trough or cool rock garden! Japan. P,r,pt,t. $7.00

CASSIOPE LYCOPODIOIDES `BEATRICE LILLEY’ H-5” Dense, narrow, more upright stems with freely produced blooms on a plant which is larger than the type. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE LYCOPODIOIDES v. GLOBULARIS H-5” This is a very compact plant with more rounded blooms than the type. Japan. P,r,pt,t. $7.00

CASSIOPE LYCOPODIOIDES v. GRACILIS H-1” A really rare and slow growing micro form of the species. Japan. P,r,pt,t. $8.00

CASSIOPE MERTENSIANA v. GRACILIS H-6” Forms large mounds of pretty wiry, very narrow green foliage with pendent white urn flowers on short stems massed near the tips of the foliage. Wide spread at alpine elevations in the Cascades of Washington. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE MERTENSIANA `MENDENHALL’ H-7” Here we have a most unusual form of this species introduced from S.E. Alaska by the late Sally Allen. It has thick stems of rich green foliage with large white blooms at the tips. This is a beautiful plant which is rarely seen in cultivation. P,r,pt. $8.00

CASSIOPE “MUIRHEAD” [C.WARDII x C.LYCOPODIODES} H-6” Makes one of the best garden Cassiope forming clumps of gray-green foliage with a very heavy bloom of white bells in April and again in fall. It is said to adapt to heat better than most other Cassiope. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE SELAGINOIDES H-4” Makes a compact upright bush with large white, ovoid flowers. This is a most beautiful species. Nepal. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE `SNOWBIRD’ (C. SELAGINOIDES x C.MERTENSIANA) H-5” This is another of the wonderful bee hybrids from Mike & Polly Stones Askival nursery.  It has a compact habit with bright green foliage and white blooms with a green calyx. It is both vigorous and hardy. P,r,t. $7.00

CASSIOPE SPECIES EX. CHINA H-3” This is a very compact species with dark green foliage with white tips. The blooms are typical white with a green calyx. We find this to be a very attractive species which is easy to please in the garden. This is likely C. FASTIGIATA   China. P,r,t. $7.00

CASSIOPE STELLERIANA (SNY. HARRIMANELLA STELLERIANA) H-4” Makes a low mat of wiry stems with small bright green foliage. Solitary white flowers tinged pink held at the tips of the stems. It needs as cool a position as possible. Washington Cascades. P,r,pt. $7.00

CASSIOPE “STORMBIRD” [C.SELAGINOIDES x C.LYCOPODIOIDES] H-4” One of a number of bee hybrids of these same parents that have arisen at Mike and Polly Stones Askival Nursery in Scotland. It forms dense, prostrate mats of dark green foliage with a very heavy bloom of white bells with a green calyx and it is said to be one of the easiest species for Eastern America. Superb! P,r,t. $7.00

CENTAUREA EPIROTA H-3” Small mats of silver rosettes with lovely pink-purple blooms held on short stems. We grew this plant from seed collected by Maria Galletti on Mt. Timfi, Greece. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

CENTAUREA PINDICOLA H-4” Lyrate, silver-white leaves form a small mat with large, white flowers with black bracts held above the foliage on short stems. This is a beautiful and easy plant for the rock garden or scree. Balkans. F,r,s. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

CLAYTONIA MEGARHIZA H-4” This is the Rocky Mt. form of this lovely species. Succulent, rounded leaves tinged red at the base with clusters of fleshy pink to white blooms on short stems.  It likes a cool position in the rock work and sharp drainage or try it on the cool side of a rock in a trough. P,r,s,t. $7.00

CLAYTONIA MEGARHIZA V. NIVALIS H-4” We think that this is certainly one of our finest alpines. It makes rosettes of fleshy, spathulate foliage that slowly forms offsets and bears clusters of pink flowers on 2” stems. Culture the same as Lewsia tweedyi. Wenatchee Mts. P,r,s,t,. $7.00 3 FOR $19.50

CLAYTONIA MEGARHIZA v. NIVALIS `PADDY-GO-EASY’ H-4” About 10 years ago Ron Ratko gave us a cutting of an unusual form of Claytonia that he had found growing near Paddy-Go-Easy Pass in the Wenatchee Mts. This outstanding form features soft, pastel pink blooms produced in abundance. We finally have enough to offer. P,r,s,t. $8.00

CLAYTONIA MEGARHIZA v. NIVALIS-RICH PINK H-4” This is another plant selected by Ron Ratko this time for it exceptionally deep, rich pink blooms. We are pleased to finally be able to offer this outstanding form. P,r,s,t. $8.00

CLEMATIS INTEGRIFOLIA H-12” This is a very choice dwarf form of this shrubby Asian Clematis. It bears a heavy bloom of 1 ½” deep blue flared bell flowers all summer long. Mongolia. F,r,pt. $9.00

CLEMATIS MARMORARIA H-4” Dwarf evergreen mounds of pinnately lobed, dark-green foliage. Clusters of 1 ½” blooms are white flushed green in bud. Our original stock came from wild seed collected by Steve Newall and has been kept isolated to maintain a true, non-hybrid line. New Zealand. P,pt,t. $8.00

CLEMATIS OCCIDENTALIS v. DISSECTA (SNY. C. COLUMBIANA v. DISSECTA) H-12” Forms a low mound of dissected foliage with many nodding blue blooms in spring. We grow this in our sunny sand beds and as a pot plant where it makes a spectacular show in spring. E. Washington Cascades. F,r,s,pt. $8.00

CORYDALIS SOLIDA V. TRANSSYLVANICA-ROSE RED H-5” This is a compact form which has typical finely-cut foliage which emerges from bulbs in early spring and bears many pretty rose-red flowers. It does best for us in the woodland garden or is very nice grown as a potted plant. Europe. P,r,t. $8.00

COTYLEDON ORBICULATA H-6” The large, succulent, silver-gray leaves form an attractive clump which is topped by large, tubular orange blooms. This plant is perfectly hardy but cannot take much winter wet so we grow it in covered beds or containers where it makes a grand show. Drakenberg Mts. F,r,s,pt,wc. $7.00

CYCLAMEN CILICIUM H-4” This plant has pretty marbled oval foliage. The honey scented blooms are pale to mid pink and bloom begins for us in early winter. This species performs best for us with winter cover but it is hardy. It makes a very showy potted plant. Turkey. F,pt,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

CYCLAMEN COUM PEWTER LEAF FORM H-4” Smaller, heart-shaped, pewtered leaves and pink flowers distinguish this form from the rest. This form really stands out in our woodland garden especially in winter. P,r,pt. $6.00

CYCLAMEN HEDERIFOLIUM H-4” We select these plants for especially good leaf patterns that form one of the best aspects of our winter garden. Pink blooms. This is a must for the woodland. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

CYCLAMEN PURPURASCENS H-4” This is a superb evergreen species with large, fragrant blooms of deep rose-pink. The foliage has light to heavy marbling. E. Europe. P,r,pt. $6.00

CYCLAMEN TROCHOPTERANTHUM H-4” A species which is rather intermediate between C. coum and C. cilicium. It has shiny, rounded to ovate leaves and pink blooms which are held in a horizontal poise which make them look larger. SW Turkey. P,r,pt. $6.00

DAPHNE ALPINA H-15” Deciduous with gray-green foliage and fragrant white blooms followed by attractive orange berries. This is very decorative in a sunny scree. Balkans. F,r,s. $8.00

DAPHNE ARBUSCULA  f. RADICANS H-4” This is a very compact yet vigorous form of the species. It has small narrow foliage with large rose-purple, very fragrant blooms. F,r,s,t. $10.00 LIMIT ONE

DAPHNE CNEORUM v. VERLOTII x D.ARBUSCULA H-6” A very choice little Daphne hybrid  which was grown by Money-Coutts Nursery and is now rare in cultivation. It makes dense mounds of dark green foliage with a heavy bloom of deep pink-purple blooms in spring and again in the fall. The effect is much like a very dwarf D. arbuscula. F,r,s,t. $10.00

DAPHNE DOMINI H-12” Formerly offered as D. kosaninii.  A dwarf shrub with small, narrow foliage & clusters of semi-closed pink & white blooms that are followed by many ornamental orange berries. This is a delightful dwarf shrub for the sunny scree and we especially like it when grown in a trough. Bulgaria. F,s,t. $9.00

DAPHNE x HENDERSONII `APPLE BLOSSOM’  H-8”  A compact clone with glossy, dark green leaves. Pale pink blooms which age to almost white emerge from deep pink buds. This was introduced from the wild by Margaret and Henry Taylor. Italy. F r,s,t. $10.00

DAPHNE x HENDERSONII `AURORA’ (D. CNEORUM PYGMAEA `ALBAA’ x D. PETRAEA `GRANDIFLORA’) H-12” Very large white flowers with ruffled petals tinged pink open from white buds with green markings. It has an upright, branched habit. 3rd year grafts. The proprietors cross. F,r,s,t. $12.00 LIMIT ONE

DAPHNE x HENDERSONII `ERNST HAUSER’ H-12” This has dark green foliage which is tinged purple in winter. Dark pink buds open to large, pale pink blooms which are nicely fragrant. Harry Jans introduction from the wild. F,r,s,t. $10.00

DAPHNE x HENDERSONII `JESKYNE 2’ H-15”  This is one of a series of wild collected forms from the area of Lago di Garda, Italy which was found in the wild by Jiri Papousek & Martin Brejnik of the Czech Repbulic. It makes an upright, heavily branched plant with very fragrant pink blooms which emerge from deep pink buds. F,r,s,t. $12.00

DAPHNE x HENDERSONII `KATH DRYDEN’ (D. petraea Erskine 87c x D. cneorum `Velky Kosir’)  H-12” This very good plant is known for it deep red buds which open to rich pink flowers and its compact, dense habit. Bred by Robin White. F,r,s,t. $12.00

DAPHNE x HENDERSONII `ROSEBUD’ H-9” Compact and slow growing, this plant has ark green leaves and blooms which are red-purple in bud opening to pale pink and aging to white. An introduction from Margaret and Henry Taylor. F,r,s,t. $10.00

DAPHNE GIRALDII H-24” An attractive and easy to please shrub with reddish bark and narrow, lanceolate leaves which are deciduous. The yellow flowers are held in clusters and are nicely fragrant followed by red-orange berries. We grow this plant in full sun with good results. Chine. F,r,s.  $10.00

DAPHNE `KELSEY ANN’ (D.VELONOVSKYI x D. PETRAEA `GRANDIFLORA’) H-6” As you would expect from this cross, the plant is very compact and heavily branched with small, ovate leaves. The blooms are pink and white and very fragrant. This is the perfect trough Daphne. The proprietor`s cross. F,r,s,t. $12.00 LIMIT ONE

DAPHNE LONGILOBATA H-48” A larger Daphne with narrow, dark evergreen foliage and it has many white blooms with a purple tube. Red berries. It needs a sheltered site in our climate or it defoliates in winter. China. F,r,s. $9.00

DAPHNE `MAISY LARAE’ (D.CIRCASSICA x D.ARBUSCULA) H-6” This forms very compact little domes of narrow, dark green foliage. It has large, fragrant rosy-purple blooms and stays small enough for a trough. The proprietor`s cross named for his youngest granddaughter. F,r,s,t. $12.00 LIMIT ONE

DAPHNE MEZEREUM f. ALPINUM H-18” A high elevation form of this well known species which makes a compact shrub with heavy branching and bears many fragrant purple blooms near the tips of the branches in late winter. We have this in one of our sand beds in full sun where it makes a great show each year. Europe. F,r,s. $9.00

DAPHNE x NAPOLITANA `BRAMDEAN’ H-9” This makes low mounds of glossy green leaves with very fragrant pink blooms. This is a lovely small Daphne for the rock garden which makes a spread of about 24”over time. F,r,s. $10.00

DAPHNE x NAPOLITANA `MEON’ H-12” Much like the above but more vigorous and with paler pink, fragrant blooms. Another very good plant which will make tight, dome shaped growth in the rock garden. F,r,s. $10.00

DAPHNE OLEOIDES v. BUXIFOLIA H-12” A dwarf form of this species with blue-green foliage and masses of lightly fragrant, creamy white blooms in summer followed by orange berries. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $9.00

DAPHNE OLEOIDES v. KURDICA H-9” This is a lower growing form of this species which makes a flat topped shrub but is otherwise much the same as the above. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $9.00


DAPHNE PETRAEA `GRANDIFLORA’ H-5” One of the most widely grown forms with deep pink blooms. Our favorite. Italy. F,r,s,t. $12.00 OTHER CLONES ARE AVAILABLE AT THE NURSERY

DAPHNE PONTICA H-30” The glossy green, evergreen foliage and long tubed yellow blooms in large clusters held just below the tip growth combine to make a handsome shrub for the woodland garden. . It is Nnicely fragrant on a warm day. These are grown from cuttings from a good form in our garden. Turkey. P,r. $10.00 LIMIT ONE

2070 DAPHNE PONTICA HYBRID H-24” This is a lovely garden plant which appears to be a hybrid between D. pontica and D. laureola. The foliage is nicely intermediate between the two species but unlike the parents, the clusters of soft yellow blooms are held above the foliage where they can be seen and they are intensely fragrant. This plant can take sun or part shade. F,r,s. $12.00

DAPHNE RETUSA H-20” These are cutting grown from a plant that we have had for many years and which is an especially good form of this species. Slow growing, compact shrub with dark green, evergreen foliage and very fragrant, pink-purple blooms in spring. Red berries. China. P,f,r. $12.00

DAPHNE x ROLLSDORFII `WILHELM SCHACHT’ (D.collina x D. petraea)  H-12” A bushy little evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves and very fragrant blooms of red-purple. Superb in the rock garden or a trough. F,r,s,t. $10.00

DAPHNE x SCHLYTERI `LOVISA MARIA’ ( D. cneorum x D. arbuscula)  H-8” Compact and low growing with glossy green evergreen leaves and rich rosy purple buds which open to rose pink blooms. It looks much like D. arbuscula but is much easy to grow in the rock garden. F,r,s. $10.00

DAPHNE `STASEK’ H-12” This stunning plant is an apparent D. cneorum hybrid from Romania. It is compact with glossy green leaves which have a golden edging. It bears large deep pink, very fragrant blooms and it is in bud or bloom almost all year round. We use this plant a lot in our sand beds and it is one of our best selling Daphne.  F,r,s,pt. $12.00

DAPHNE x SUSANNAE `ANTON FAHNDRICH’ (D.ARBUSCULA x D.COLLINA) H-24” This is plant which forms magnificent tight domes of dark-green foliage and is covered in rich rose-purple blooms in spring and again in fall. We also grow the plant in a wall where it looks and performs great and stays more compact. We offered this plant in the past as C. sericea compact form. F,r,s. $10.00

DAPHNE x SUSANNAE `CHERITON’ (D. ARBUSCULA x D. COLLINA) H-15” The dense mounds of glossy, green foliage bear large, dark rosy-purple blooms which are nicely fragrant. Repeat blooms in the fall for us. This plant looks especially good in winter with its shiny leaves.  F,r,s. $10.00

DAPHNE x SUSANNAE `LAWRENCE CROCKER’ H-15” This fine hybrid originated at Siskiyou Nursery. It has a nice dome shaped habit and produces a heavy bloom of fragrant flowers in spring and fall. F,r,s. $10.00

DAPHNE x SUSANNAE `TICHBORNE’ (D.ARBUSCULA x D. COLLINA) H-12” The neat dome-shaped habit with very fragrant pink-purple blooms distinguishes this plant from others of this same cross. It is a beautiful and very compact plant. F,r,s,pt. $10.00 LIMIT ONE

DAPHNE VELENOVSKYI H-4” This is a really tiny species similar to D. cneorum but much slower growing with foliage that is tinged blue. It has large pink blooms which are very fragrant. 2ND year grafts.  Plants will be small.  Vichren Mts., Bulgaria. F,r,s,t. $12.00 LIMIT ONE

DAPHNE x WHITEORUM `BEAUWORTH’ (D. PETRAEA `GRANDIFLORA x D. JASMINAE) H-9” This makes a small mounded shrub with small, dark green foliage for us. Rich pink blooms in spring and again in fall. Nice fragrance. This stays small enough for a trough and is a good garden plant. F,r,s,pt. $10.00

DAPHNE x WHITEORUM `KILMESTON’ [D. PETRAEA “GRANDIFLORA’ x D. JASMINAE] H-12” Forms a very pretty small Daphne which does well when grown it in a sunny wall or crevice in the open. We also grow it in a large pot. Deep pink, fragrant blooms all summer. F,pt,t. $10.00

DAPHNE WOLONGENSIS `GUARDSMAN’ H-24” A strongly upright shrub with a very narrow growth habit. It has dark, glossy green leaves and fragrant pink blooms in early spring. This is a very handsome plant which is quite new to cultivation. 2nd year grafts. China. F,r. $12.00

DEGENIA VELEBITICA H-4” We make heavy use of this fine little plant in both our sunny sand beds and in troughs. It forms small mounds of silver, hairy, lanceolate leaves with racemes of bright yellow flowers on 4” stems followed by attractive, inflated seed pods. This makes a lovely plant when grown in full sun. Velebit Mts.,Balkans. F,s,t. $6.00

DELOSPERMA ALPINUM H-1” Formerly offered as D. species-white. It makes a dwarf mat with stem-less white flowers nestled in bronze green foliage which turns purple-black in full sun.  It too is very hardy in a sand bed without winter cover. This is a different and most attractive species. S. Africa. F,r,s,t.  $6.00

DELOSPERMA BASUTICUM (DBG/NARGS206) H-2” A marvelous plant which makes dense, dwarf mats of fleshy, dark-green, pointed foliage with many large stem-less flowers of rich yellow with a prominent white eye. It is one of the hardiest of the genus. S. Africa. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DELOSPERMA BASUTICUM-WHITE H-2” As above only white flowered. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS ARPADIANUS ssp. PUMILUS H-4” A fine plant which forms dense hard domes of tiny green leaves and masses of small pink blooms held on very short stems. We use this heavily in our plantings in the crevices of our sand beds, walls and troughs where the tight domes look great all year. This is an indispensable element of our sand beds. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS `BLUE HILL’ H-5” As blue a foliage as you are likely to see forms a tight domed cushion with lots of magenta-purple flowers in early summer.  This is a beautiful plant year around. F,r,s. $6.00

DIANTHUS `EILEEN LEVER’ H-3” This fabulous seedling from D. erinaceus makes dense, spiny, blue-green domes and is absolutely covered with stem-less blooms of rich, dark pink. It won a Farrer Medal  2004. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS ERINACEUS v. ALPINUS H-6” A species which form very dense, tight domes of sharply spiny leaves. The small purple-pink blooms sit right down on the dome. We grow this plant in crevices, troughs and walls where it looks great all year around. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS “INSHRIACH DAZZLER” H-4” Mounds of dark green foliage with a long bloom of large, rich carmine-pink flowers in summer. This makes a dazzling sight in the rock garden or scree. It originated at Jack Drakes famous nursery in Scotland and is thought to be a hybrid of D. pavonius. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS `LITTLE JOE’ H-5” Lovely mounds of blue foliage and single flowers of the richest dark red make this a standout in the rock garden. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS `MARS’ H-5” This is almost identical to D. `Little Joe’ except that the foliage is wider and the rich red blooms are fully double. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS MICROLEPIS H-3” Condensed rounded domes of tiny gray-green foliage with almost stem-less blooms of rich pink. These look like little gray baseballs in our sand beds and are perfect for a trough. Bulgaria. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIANTHUS “MINIMOUNDS” H-4” Makes tiny, dense domes of gray foliage with many bright pink blooms held on 2 to 4” stems. This plant looks neat in a trough or sunny crevice in the rock work. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DIAPENSIA LAPPONICA ssp. OBOVATA H-2” The small, rounded dark green leaves form a dense mat which turns reddish-purple in the winter. Large creamy white flowers sit right on the foliage. We grow this plant in a raised bed which has a layer of fine bark and pumice over sand. Circumpolar. P,r,pt. $10.00

DISPORUM HOOKERI (NNS96-70) H-15” This is an elegant plant for the woodland or cool rock garden. Arching stems adorned with pendent white bells. Red-orange berries. This is known locally as fairy bells and it is one of our favorite woodland plants. Olympic Mts. P,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

DODECATHEON POETICUM H-12” Clumps of oblanceolate leaves which have light toothing. Five petaled blooms of lavender pink to magenta. Likes spring wet with drier conditions in summer. Columbia Gorge. P,r. $6.00

DOUGLASIA IDAHOENSIS H-2” Small mats of narrow, succulent linear foliage. Beautiful deep magenta, bowl shaped blooms are held on very short stems. This species is mainly found on cool, east facing sites at high elevations.  7900’ Idaho Co., ID. P,r,s,t.$7.00
DOUGLASIA LAEVIGATA v. CILIOLATA H-4” Makes a larger plant than other forms and forms neat, tight mounds covered with large pink to red blooms when grown lean in full sun. This is an excellent choice for the sunny rock garden or scree. Olympic Mts. F,s,r,t. $6.00

DOUGLASIA LAEVIGATA `GOTENBURG’ H-4” A compact form with extra wide foliage and very large blooms of rich pink-red. Builds up into nice tight mounds with age. Cascades. F,s,t. $6.00

DOUGLASIA LAEVIGATA V. LAEVIGATA H-3” A plant which forms dense mounded mats of glossy green foliage in small tight rosettes. It bears large umbels of deep pink flowers in spring. Very choice! It is wonderful in a trough with Saxifraga. Wash. Cascades. P,s,t. $7.00

DOUGLASIA LAEVIGATA x D. MONTANA H-3” This is a hybrid which makes very vigorous and tight mats of pointed, toothed dark-green foliage. A very heavy bloom of large rounded pink blooms held in clusters on short stems. It is excellent in the open scree. The proprietor`s cross.  F,p,s,t. $7.00

DOUGLASIA MONTANA H-2” The form that we offer makes tight mats of tiny, needle-like foliage. The foliage is buried beneath a heavy spring bloom of rich pink flowers held on very short stems. A light scattered bloom in summer & fall. Montana. R,p,s,t. $7.00

DRABA ACAULIS H-3” A desirable cushion-forming species that is covered with short hairs and bears bright yellow blooms held on very short racemes. We have this plant in a trough in a covered area where it has made a gorgeous specimen after several years. Ala Dag, Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DRABA BRUNIIFOLIA H-2” A species which forms large cushions of dense, stiff, hairy foliage. It has many racemes of bright yellow blooms in spring and it does very well in the open garden. We like it planted in a crevice where it soon fills the crevice with its tight little rosettes. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

DRABA DEDEANA H-2” We offer a compact form of this well know species with a long, reliable bloom of huge pure white flowers. We got seed of this species from Jack Drakes Nursery many years ago and selected the largest flowered form from seed to propagate and offer to our customers. It draws many complimentary comments from growers who have never seen such a large flowered form. Spain F,r,s,t. $6.00

DRABA HISPANICA H-4” This is one of our favorite Draba for the open garden where it makes rather large, hard domes of very hairy narrow leaves. A heavy bloom of bright yellow flowers on 2” stems. This gets our vote for the best Draba for the open garden. Spain. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

DRABA LONGISILIQUA H-4” The tight downy cushions of blue-gray foliage make this Draba a real standout. It has clusters of bright yellow flowers on 3” stems. A superb species for the alpine house or try it in a vertical crevice or trough with winter cover. In nature, it grows on limestone cliffs in the Caucasus. F,s,t. $6.00

DRABA PAYSONII v. TRELEASII H-2” One of the best W. American Draba, it forms tight domes of tiny hairy foliage which in nature reach up to a foot or more across. The flowers are bourn in clusters of almost stem-less blooms of soft yellow. In the open, it is best planted in a vertical crevice. E. Washington Cascades. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DRABA POLYTRICHA H-3” Tight cushions of spathulate leaves ringed with white hairs. Decorative heads of bright yellow flowers. This is a most desirable species that is best grown in a vertical crevice or wall. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DRABA RIGIDA H-2” Dense, hard, dark green cushions with tiny inflexed leaves. Bright yellow blooms on 3” stems. Excellent in the open scree or trough. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00
DRACOCEPHALUM aff. PAULSENII (JJH9308132) H-1” A gorgeous introduction! Tight, gray-green mats of small dentate leaves with many sessile blue flowers in summer. This can be a challenge to grow well without winter cover but it is well worth some effort.  Altai Mts., Mongolia. F,s,t. $7.00

DRYAS DRUMMONDII “GRANDIFLORA” H-5” Large yellow blooms open almost flat over attractive foliage on this vigorous clone which based upon its` general appearance could well be another form of D. x Suendermannii. F,s,r. $6.00

DRYAS INTEGRIFOLIA H-3” This is a very compact free blooming species with smaller, less toothed foliage than D. octopetala. It blooms later for us than any other species. Interior Alaska. F,r,s,t. $6.00

DRYAS x SUENDERMANNII [D.DRUMMONDII x D.OCTOPETALA] H-4” The easiest of all of the Dryas in the garden, it makes a most attractive mat with nodding, light yellow buds which open to large, creamy-white blooms. The silver seed heads are an added attraction.  F,s,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

EDRIANTHUS aff. OWERIANUS H-2” The tight silver cushions on this species are really beautiful and they are set off by a ring of rather small, bright violet blooms in early summer. It needs good sharp drainage and plenty of sun and may be best in a vertical crevice when grown in the open. This may be just a really tight form of E. pumilio. Balkans. F,r,s,t. $7.00

EMPETRUM NIGRUM H-3” This compact evergreen plant forms mounds of tiny dark-green leaves which in time spreads to from a mat. The flowers are white with a pink tinge and the pretty black berries give the plant its common name of Crow Berry. Cascade Mts. F,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

EPIMEDIUM DIPHYLLUM `ROSEUM’ H-10” This is a bit taller than E. diphyllum `Nanum’ in bloom with pretty pink blooms. It will make a nice spread in the garden. P,r. $6.00
.  P,r. $10.00

EPIMEDIUM PAUCIFLORUM H-5” This makes a beautiful evergreen groundcover with glossy, spiny-edged leaves and lavender-pink blooms. We love this in our woodland garden. Sichuan, China. P,r. $8.00

ERIGERON ALGIDUS (NNS05-272) H-3” Ron Ratko call this “One of the best alpine fleabanes that I have encountered.” It has dark-green, spathulate leaves which arise from tufts and large blue-purple daises held on 2-3” stems. This plant does beautifully in our sunny sand beds. 10,325’ Sweetwater Mts., Mono Co., CA. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIGERON ALGIDUS-WHITE FLOWERED FORM H-3” This showed up in a batch of seedlings of the above and is essentially the same but with large white blooms. This is a really lovely plant! F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIGERON AUREUS “THE GIANT” H-6” We found this very large form of this species many years ago in the North Cascades near Harts Pass. It is three to four times larger than the type with rich golden blooms setoff by a prominent purple involucre. We find this form to be very beautiful and easier to please than most forms. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ERIGERON “CANARY BIRD” H-5” A classic! Large lemon-yellow blooms adorn this beauty almost year around. This is a sterile hybrid of E. aureus which is  perfect in a trough or scree. F,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ERIGERON COMPOSITUS EX: RAILROAD RIDGE H-2” Another very small form grown from seed collected by Betty Lowry at Railroad Ridge, Id. A heavy bloom of lavender-blue flowers is held on short stems. This is beautiful in a crevice or trough. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIGERON ELEGANTULUS H-3” Small mats of linear, dark-green foliage covered in summer with many 1” blooms of rich violet-blue. One of our favorites! We love this plant grown in a crevice in the rock work of our sand beds.  E.Oregon. F,s,t.$6.00 3 for $16.50

ERIGERON “GOAT ROCKS’ [E.AUREUS X E.COMPOSITUS] H-3” A natural hybrid found by the proprietor in Washington`s Goat Rocks at 7000’. I found this plant while I was eating lunch near the summit of Hawk Eye Point and watching a heard of goats in the distance. It has tufts of hairy, silver-gray foliage with bright lemon yellow flowers on 3” stems. It produces a long summer bloom and won an  RHS Award of Merit  in 2001. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIGERON LINEARIS “RIMROCK” H-3” This species normally has dark green foliage and is much larger than this wonderful form we found on a high ridge overlooking Rimrock Lake. It forms tight mounds of silver foliage with rich yellow blooms on 2” stems. 6500’ E. Cascades. F,s,t. $6.00

ERIGERON LEIOMERUS H-4” This is one of our favorite little fleabanes which has formed a dense mat of small spathulate foliage that has completely filled a crevice in one of our sunny sand beds. The mat is totally covered with pretty blue daisies in late spring. Colorado. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIGERON SIMPLEX H-4” A very compact form of this species with solitary pink blooms held over small mats of narrow foliage. This makes an excellent garden plant and is just right for a trough. . Rocky Mts. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIGERON VAGUS H-2” The mats lacy, hairy rosettes are very beautiful and the solitary 1” rose-pink daisies are held on short stems. Here we have another candidate for the best alpine Erigeron. Arnold Mt., Wallowas. F,s,t. $6.00

ERIOGONUM BREEDLOVEI v. BREEDLOVEI (NNS05-288) H-2” This makes mats of tiny, fuzzy gray-green leaves. Large spheres of white blooms which age to pink. This plant is a little jewel which is perfect for a covered trough or plant it on a vertical crevice. Piute Mts, CA. 8225’ F,r,s,t,wc. $7.00

ERIOGONUM CAESPITOSUM H-3” Tiny elliptic leaves form dense mats of silvery-green. The creamy-white to yellow blooms are held on very short stems. This may be the best Eriogonum for a trough. Great Basin. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIOGONUM DOUGLASII v. DOUGLASII (NNS 07-199) H-3” Dwarf cushions of tiny, silver-white leaves with yellow blooms on short stems. Beautiful in a sunny trough. Cascades. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIOGONUM SISKIYOUENSE (NNS06-223) H-4” A species which forms small flat rosettes of  small silvery blue-green leaves which are covered with dense white felt on the reverse. The one inch yellow bloom heads age to red. The whole plant takes on nice red tones in winter in the open garden where the plant thrives with good drainage. Trinity Mts., CA. 6900’ $6.00

ERIOGONUM THYMOIDES H-8” Bushy little shrubs with tiny gray leaves and masses of bloom clusters colored cream, yellow, red and orange. Very showy! Kittitas Co., WA. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIOGONUM UMBELLATUM v. HAUSSKNECHTII (NNS07-216) H-3” Here we have another variety which makes extremely compact mats of small, dark olive-green leaves which are white felted on the reverse. In winter, the leaves age to dark red and maroon. The pretty blooms make bright yellow spheres held on short stems. 5525’ Wenatchee Mts., WA. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIOGONUM UMBELLATUM v. MINUS H-3” One of the finest and most dwarf forms of this species. Mats of tiny oval leaves covered with silvery-white hairs. Reddish-maroon buds open to pale yellow blooms that mature to dark amethyst-red and then dark maroon. 9850’ San Bernardino Co., CA F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIOGONUM UMBELLATUM v. MODOCENSE H-4” This most interesting form makes small mats of oval leaves with stems bearing colorful buds followed by blooms which start yellow and slowly turn to red. N. California. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERIOGONUM UMBELLATUM v. PROTERI H-5” Neat little buns of tiny, spatulate leaves tinged red. Red and yellow blooms turn orange-brown with age. A very good addition to the sunny rock garden or scree. Beaver Co., UT. F,r,s,t. $6.00

ERYSIMUM AMOENUM H-3” An uncommon wallflower from the Southern Rocky Mts. which has large orchid-purple flowers held over tufts of narrow, dark-green leaves. This plant is easy to please in the rock garden or trough and is most attractive in bloom. F,r,s, pt. $6.00

ERYSIMUM `ORANGE FLAME’ H-5” The carpets of tight, dark green foliage are topped by stems of rich orange blooms. This is a showy rock garden plant. F,r,s. $6.00 3 for $16.50

ERYSIMUM PULCHELLUM H-5” A beautiful, little known alpine wallflower which makes terrific dense, mounded domes of tiny toothed, dark-green foliage with large blooms of rich lemon yellow in summer. Turkey. F,s,t. $6.00

ERYTHRONIUM OREGONUM H-10” Mottled green foliage and clusters of one to six large white blooms with a yellow throat make this a very conspicuous addition to the woodland garden. It has bright yellow anthers. This has self sown into good sized colonies in our woodland garden. These were originally grown from locally collected seed here in Graham. P,r,pt.  Three bulbs per pot. $8.00

ERYTHRONIUM REVOLUTUM H-8” The clumps of beautiful marbled leaves are topped with large pink flowers carried in scapes of 1 to 4. We offer 3 to 4 year old bulbs which are naturally small and will be near the bottom of the pots in which they are shipped. Three bulbs per pot. W. Washington. P,r,pt. $7.00

ERYTHRONIUM `WHITE BEAUTY’ H-9” This well known hybrid? makes a superb garden plant for the woodland. It has large white blooms with a diffuse yellow throat and a reddish inner ring. It offsets freely and also increases from seed in our garden but the anthers are often of different colors in seedlings. P,r,pt. Several bulbs per pot. $7.00

EUPHORBIA CAPITULATA H-1” Tight mats of tiny gray-green obovate foliage with almost stem-less clusters of yellow-orange blooms in summer. Little known and perfect in a sunny scree. Balkans. F,r,s,t. $6.00

EUPHORBIA CLAVARIOIDES H-4” Forms incredible, dense, hard domes of succulent foliage that look much like a cactus. Covers itself with small, almost stem-less yellow blooms. Very hardy but needs protection from winter wet. S. Africa. F,r,s,t,wc. $7.00

FRITILLARIA CAMSCHATCENSIS `TOMARI’ H-20” This is a tall growing form of this species from Sakhalin Island with striking brownish-black blooms in clusters. More stoloniferous than most forms and naturalizes well. F,r. $6.00 3 for $16.50

GALANTHUS `LADY BEATRIX STANLEY’ H-8” We really enjoy this selection which is early blooming with fully double flowers and glaucous, flat leaves. It increases well in our woodland garden. P,r,pt. $6.00

GENTIANA ANGUSTIFOLIA H-4” Tight mats of lanceolate foliage with huge, deep-blue up-facing trumpets. This is a heavy blooming, easy to please acualis type. A selected clone.  Alps. F,p,r,s. $7.00 3 for $19.50

GENTIANA ACAULIS `BIELEFELDER’ H-4” We can recommend this  selection from Germany its reliable bloom of large, deep blue trumpets in spring and fall. F,p,r,t. $7.00

GENTIANA ACAULIS `COELESTINA’ H-4” This is a very different color form with many large blooms of Cambridge blue. F,r,p,t. $7.00

GENTIANA ACAULIS `EXCELSIOR’ H-4” Large, deep blue trumpets for a long period in spring and often again in fall. F,p,r,t. $7.00

GENTIANA ACAULIS “HOLZMANII” H-4” This plant produces a heavy bloom of large, very dark blue trumpets with green outer markings. F,p,r,t. $7.00

GENTIANA ACAULIS “KREBS H-6” The rich dark blue trumpets are the largest that we have ever seen on any form of G. acaulis. F,p,r,t. $7.00

GENTIANA ACAULIS `RANNOCH’ H-4” This cultivar produces a heavy bloom of large, rich blue blooms on short stems in spring and often again in fall. F,p,r,t. $7.00

GENTIANA CLUSII H-5” This is one of the best of the Gentiana acaulis types. It has very large trumpets which have deep purple tubes and blue-purple petals. Alps. F,p,r,t. $7.00

GERANIUM KOTSCHYI v. CHARLESII H-4”Forms a dense mat of finely cut foliage with very large clear pink blooms on short stems.  This is a charming deciduous Geranium which is rare in cultivation. Turkey.  F,r. $6.00

GLADIOLUS FLANAGANII H-12” This is known locally as the “suicide lily” as it only grows on moist, inaccessible basalt cliffs at about 7500’ in the Drakensberg Mts. of S. Africa  and you have to risk your life to reach the plant in many cases. It is a beautiful thing with richly colored blooms of scarlet-orange. It is hardy here with sharp drainage and full sun and it also makes a wonderful potted plant. F,r,s,tp. $8.00

GLOBULARIA REPENS-WINTER COLOR FORM H-2” Mats of glossy, dark green, obovate leaves with a reliable bloom of rounded heads of rich blue flowers. The foliage turns purple in winter. Our selection from seed. S. Alps. F,r,s. $6.00

GLOBULARIA MERIDIONALIS H-6” This species makes attractive, perfectly formed domes of small rounded, evergreen foliage with large flower heads of rich blue held on very short stems. Our favorite species. Balkans. F,r,s. $6.00

GLOBULARIA STYGIA H-3” Mats of rounded glossy evergreen leaves with heads of pretty soft blue blooms. A reliable bloomer in the rock garden. Greece. F,r,s. $6.00

GYPSOPHILA ARETIOIDES H-1” This is a classic polster plant. Dense mounds of tiny, gray-green foliage with a scattering of small, stem-less white blooms. Iran. F,s,t. $6.00

GYPSOPHILA ARETIOIDES `CAUCASICA’ (SYN. G. CAUCASICA) H-5” One of our favorites, it makes hard domes of narrow green foliage with clusters of large white blooms with pink veins and a mostly pink reverse. It makes a lovely long blooming plant in our sand beds. Caucasus. F,r,s,t. $6.00
3 for $16.50

GYPSOPHILA `GRAHAM GEM’ H-4” This is one of a batch of bee hybrids that showed up around a plant of G. nana which was growing near by a plant of G. libanotica. Most of the plants had white blooms tinged pink but this plant had rich pink blooms over mats of bluish-gray foliage with a very compact habit. It is lovely and easy in our sunny sand beds where it blooms all summer. F,r,s. $6.00

GYPSOPHILA NANA H-2” We like this plant for its tight, prostrate mats of small, linear foliage and many stem less pink blooms in summer and fall. It is a first rate plant for the open garden. Balkans. F,r,s,t. $6.00

HELIANTHEMUM NUMMULARIUM v. PYRENAICUM H-6” This is one of the most attractive shrubs that we grow in our sunny sand beds. It forms a nice mound of small, ovate leaves and covers itself with good sized pink blooms all summer and into the fall. It is much more attractive in the rock garden than the garish hybrids we so often see. Pyrenees. F,r,s. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

HELICHRYSUM FRIGIDUM H-1” Lovely silver-white mats of tiny linear leaves with solitary white blooms held on the tips of the stems. Grow it in a scree or trough with winter cover or in a vertical crevice. Corsica. F,s,t,wc. $6.00

HELICHRYSUM MILFORDIAE H-2” The silver-white woolly foliage makes really stunning mounds. Large papery white everlasting flowers with a crimson reverse. Hardy to at least -10F in a lean scree.  This may need winter cover in wet winter climates.  F,r,s,t. $6.00

HEPATICA NOBILIS `CREMAR’ H-4” The extremely beautiful, wavy, crinkled leaves are heavily marbled and the plant bears rich pink blooms on short. One of the best. P,r,pt. $10.00

HEPATICA NOBILIS-RICH BLUE H-4” Clumps of kidney shaped green leaves with clusters of rich blue blooms arising from the center of the clumps. This is an excellent plant for the woodland garden where it will increase from seed. Europe. P,r,pt. $7.00 3 for $19.50

HEPATICA NOBILIS-WHITE H-4” As above with pure white blooms. P,r,pt. $8.00

HEPATICA NOBILIS `ROSEA’ H-4” The light green, blunt, three-lobed leaves form mats from rosettes. It produces a heavy spring bloom of rich pink. Europe. P,r,pt. $8.00

HEPATICA NOBILIS v. JAPONICA H-3” This variety produces very compact plant with a heavy bloom of deep blue. It self-sows and forms small colonies in our woodland. Japan. P,r,pt. $8.00

HEUCHERA ABRAMSII (NNS98-314) H-4” This is the tiniest Heuchera that we have ever seen! It makes mats of rich green leaves less that ½” long and spikes of little white blooms that are backed by a very showy calyx of deep rose-violet. It is a natural for a trough or crevice. 9800’ San Grabriel, Mts., CA F,r,s,t. $6.00

HEUCHERA CYLINDRICA v. ALPINA-PURE WHITE H-10” This is a most unusual compact form with glistening white flowers. Our selection from near Bethel Ridge in the central Cascades. Perfect in a cool crevice in the rock garden. P,r,s,t. $6.00

HEUCHERA ELEGANS (NNS03-336) H-6” Compact mats of small, crenate leaves. The blooms are held in 6” panicles with insignificant white petals that sit in showy rose-red calyces. This plant makes a wonderful display in a trough or crevice. San Gabriel Mts, CA F,r,s,t. $6.00

IBERIS SAXITALIS v. PYGMAEA H-1” This is the tiniest member of this species. Flat mats of tiny, dark-green foliage with clusters of white flowers held at the tips. Just perfect in troughs. Europe. F,s,t. $6.00

IRIS ATTICA [I. PUMILA ATTICA] H-5” A tiny Iris with narrow, falcate foliage and solitary purple blooms which is lovely but it dislikes winter wet. Greece. F,r,s,t,wc. $6.00

IRIS HENRYI H-6” Clumps of narrow, grassy foliage form small mats. The tiny blooms are held in pairs on 6” stems and open lavender blue with a yellow signal. A very rare Iris for part sun in the rock garden or trough.
Sichuan, China. P,r,t. $10.00

IRIS KAMAONENSIS H-12” Clumps of narrow, gray-green leaves with lovely blue-purple blooms distinguish this easy and desirable species for the rock garden. Himalaya. F,p,r. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

IRIS REICHENBACHII H-8” Makes clumps of falcate green leaves with stems of two or more mid yellow blooms with darker veining and long deflexed falls. Good garden plant which is really beautiful. Balkans. F,r,s. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

IRIS SCHACHTII H-5” The clumps of narrow, gray-green leaves bear large bearded flowers which are rich purple. This is great in our sunny sand beds. Turkey. F,r,s. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

IRIS SETOSA ssp. CANADENSIS H-10” A very dwarf form of this species with solitary blooms of rich blue. N.E. America. F,r,s. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

IRIS SUAVEOLENS [I.MELLITA] H-4” This delightful little species makes fans of scimitar shaped leaves that form a small mat with many large, stem-less blooms of soft yellow. This plant thrives in our sunny sand beds where it has up to 100 blooms on a plant. Turkey. F,r,s,pt. $6.00

IRIS SUAVEOLENS v. RUBROMARGINATA H-6” Beautiful scimitar shaped foliage with a red margin. Large, showy flowers of brown, violet, red & purple sit right down in the foliage. Turkey. F,r,t. $6.00

IRIS TENAX v. TENAX (NNS00-451) H-10” This is a plant from the hardiest known population of any of the Californicae Iris. It makes small clumps of narrow, grassy leaves with many lovely rose-pink flowers. Tillamook Co., OR 3150’. P,f,r,pt. $6.00

JUNELLIA THYMIFOLIA H-8” A rare little sub shrub which forms small mounds of tiny gray green foliage and bears clusters of small, tubular pink blooms in summer. It soon forms thick trunks with attractive bark. Patagonia. F,r,s,t. $8.00

JUNELLIA WILCZECKII (F&W84470 h-1” The best little mat-forming shrublet we grow that contours to the ground like creeping thyme. Stem-less clusters of small, honey scented, lilac blooms. We have grown this in the open now for many years. Patagonia. F,r,s,t. $7.00

LEWISIA BRACHYCALYX H-2” Spathulate green leaves form flat rosettes. Pretty bowl shaped blooms arise from the center of the rosette. This population has both pink and white blooms and the plants only get better with age as the number of blooms increases. It goes dormant in late summer. Coconino Co., AZ. 6900’ F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

LEWISIA BRACHYCALYX-CALIFORNIA FORM (NNS05-428) H-2” This form has very fleshy, pale green foliage which is broadly ovate with acute tips. Glistening white blooms. The California form is little known in cultivation. San Bernardino Mts., CA 7350’ F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

LEWISIA CANTELOVII v. CANTELOVII (NNS02-208) H-8” Pretty symmetrical rosettes of spathulate, finely toothed leaves are attractive all year. Sprays of many pink blooms with darker veins held in an airy inflorescence. Sierra Nevada, Mts., CA. F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA COLUMBIANA v. RUPICOLA H-9” Low rosettes of narrow, fleshy foliage with many stems bearing sprays of 1” pink blooms with darker veining. A mature plant can have hundreds of blooms.  This is an easy to grow Lewisia from the wet side of the Washington Cascades. F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA COLUMBIANA v. RUPICOLA “SADDLE MT. FORM” H-6” Very compact rosettes of small foliage form a small mat from offsets with many beautiful rose-purple flowers. Oregon. F,p,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA COLUMBIANA v. WALLOWENSIS-WHITE FORM H-6” A very compact form suitable for a trough with many sprays of bright white blooms over dark green rosettes lighter at the center. Oregon. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA COLUMBIANA v. WALLOWENSIS x L. `GEORGE HENLEY’ H-4” This is a very nice small Lewisia that looks much like a tiny version of L. `George Henley’ with the same wine-red blooms. Great trough plant. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA CONGDONII H-10” An unusual Lewisia which is deciduous here at the nursery, it has narrow, thin fleshy foliage forms from a stout tap root. The large sprays of pretty, 1” pinkish blooms are held on 10” stems. It goes dormant here from mid summer to mid winter. Sierra Nevada Mts., Ca. P,s,pt,t. $6.00

LEWISIA COTYLEDON HYBRIDS-MAGENTA H-9” The rosettes of narrow dark green, fleshy leaves form large clumps and bear masses of bright magenta blooms in early summer. This makes a magnificent long-lived container plant or does well in a sunny rock garden. F,r,s,pt. $6.00

LEWISIA COTYLEDON v. COTYLEDON H-5” A variety which has entire, pointed leaves and blooms in a number of different color combinations including some with pink backgrounds and darker pink to purple stripes and others with creamy colored backgrounds with yellow or orange stripes. This is a good garden plant. Siskiyou Mts. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA COTYLEDON v. HOWELLII (NNS00-472) H-5” This is a very small variety of this species that makes small rosettes of wavy and crinkly margined foliage with reddish tints and has clusters of pink blooms on short stems. 5600’ Klamath Range, CA. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

LEWISIA COTYLEDON `MT. TAHOMA ORANGE STRAIN’ H-9” The result of our line breeding program, these plants feature beautiful, crenulate, toothed foliage with very large flowers with overlapping petals in shades of orange. We get the occasional reddish to yellow bloomer. F,p,s,pt. $6.00

LEWISIA GLANDULOSA (NNS02-210) H-3” The pale pink blooms with darker veins are clustered around the base of the leaves completely hiding the crown. Up to 100 blooms are produced during the short spring bloom period. It needs plenty of moisture in spring with dryer conditions the rest of the year. 9150’ Sierra Nevada, CA. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA LEANA H-5” Compact mounds of fleshy, gray-green, sausage-like foliage which holds masses of small, bright violet-purple blooms on 5” stems. Siskiyou Mts. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA “NORMA JEAN” [L.COLUMBIANA ALBA X L.COTYLEDON V. HECKNERI] H-10” The proprietor`s cross. Foliage as in L.columbiana with hundreds of beautiful soft, pastel-pink flowers with darker veins and a small green eye held on 6” stems. Produces a very heavy spring bloom and reliably blooms again in the fall. Lovely! P,r,s,pt. $6.00

LEWISIA PYGMAEA H-1” A very tiny form of this species with fleshy green leaves and bright red blooms. We love this in a trough where it will self-sow. Big Horn Mts. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA REDIVIVA H-4” A deciduous, summer dormant Lewisia with huge water lily-like pink flowers, it likes to remain dry from the end of its bloom in June until growth resumes in Sept. We grow this plant in our sand beds but it blooms best with winter cover.  W.America. F,t,wc. $6.00 3 for $16.50

LEWISIA REDIVIVA HYBRID-YELLOW (L. REDIVIVA x L. COTYLEDON YELLOW FORM) H-3” This is a gorgeous one of a kind plant. Narrow fleshy evergreen leaves form a rosette which increases from offsets. The cup shaped yellow blooms are held on short stems which arise from the center of the rosette. This came to us many years ago from Graham Nicholls of the UK and we finally have enough to introduce this plant to America. F,r,s,t. $7.00

LEWISIA SIERRAE H-3” A small plant with narrow fleshy leaves. This plant makes quite a show with its many small rose-pink blooms which surround the center of the rosette. Older plants can have dozens of blooms open at once. It goes dormant in late summer. Sierra Nevada Mts, CA. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA STEBBINSII H-4” Tap-rooted with spathulate leaves which form a rosette. It bears lusters of fairly large pink blooms with darker veins.  Goes dormant in late summer and reemerges in winter. This is a really lovely plant which does well for us in a trough. California. F,r,s,t. $6.00

LEWISIA TWEEDYI H-6” One of our best native alpines! Huge flowers of pink to apricot. It needs summer dry period and it likes a little protection from winter wet. Wenatchee Mts. P,pt,s,t,wc. $7.00

LEWISIA TWEEDYI YELLOW FORMS H-6” We grow these from seed from hand pollinated selections of good yellow forms in our collection. Grow as above. $7.00

LONICERA CRASSIFOLIA [SEH085] H-2” New to cultivation and a sure bet to be very popular! Prostrate mats of tiny, round, dark-green, evergreen foliage forms a dense cover. Masses of white blooms which soon age to golden followed by blue berries. Steve Hootman of the Rhododendron Species Foundation introduced this plant from one of his collection trips to W.China. F,p,r,pt. $7.00

LUPINUS BREWERI H-6” A species which has the most stunning silver foliage of any we have grown. It makes
very compact mats with many upright stems of rich blue blooms with a white or yellowish keel. S. Oregon. F,r,s,pt. $6.00


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