Trends in Bulb Gardening


Trends in Bulb Gardening


with fashion, floriculture also has its trends. Dutch

botanist Jacqueline van der Kloet

signals two color trends.


we see a tone-on-tone

preference; combinations of the same color tone such

as bright yellow combined with dark yellow.” One of

Jacqueline’s favorite yellow combinations is: yellow

Dahlias, Begonias, Buttercups, Chlidanthus and Callas.


second color trend goes against the tone-on-tone trend,

and involves a more daring use of multicolored

species. “I see a variegated use of flowers

that have more than one color. For instance: red and

pink or lavender and blue. Species such as Ixia, Sparaxys,

Tritonia and Leuco-coryne are summer bulbs that have

two or more colors”, Jacqueline says.


flower arranger and author of the book: ‘Flowers

are almost forever’ Libbey Oliver, also sees Lavish

use of colors in the US. Rather than mixing the different

colors, she sees grouping of colors and species. “You

will see a combination of eucalyptus leave ‘Optimism’s

in the middle surrounded by groups of yellow roses,

red roses and lilies.”



from Jacqueline and Libbey

  • Less

    is more


the right summer bulbs for your garden is a matter of

trying. Lesser is better so go for twenty bulbs of two

or three species rather than two or three bulbs of twenty

species. This will allow you to get familiar with all

the characteristics of the species.

  • Cut

    flower corner


a special corner in your garden to plant cut flowers.

It would be a waste to cut into a wonderful created

border in your garden. Choose a sheltered spot: the

warmer the spot the better they will grow. For more

cut flower tips please go to our Cut Flower Corner.

  • Texture


bulbs with grass and leaves such as eucalyptus. Use

cut flowers in different stages as well as different

parts of the flower. Think of exotic leaves or nice

flower buds.

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