A Cutting Garden Plan

A Cutting Garden Plan

The Cutting Garden will help you decorate your home with a bounty of beautiful bouquets. At the same time, you’ll have a colorful garden planting that’s sensational to look at for months on end. And it will get bigger and better as years go by.

Many perennials are ideal for use in creating stunning indoor bouquets but, when cut, can leave an outdoor display looking empty. That’s why we created this special garden, which will fill any 60 sq. ft. area with constant color even after flowers have been cut for arrangements. It features six outstanding plants to ensure a continuing supply of flowers and decorative foliage for use indoors…as well as a parade of blossoms in your garden from spring through fall. In fact, these plants are such reliable bloomers that they’ll produce even more flowers when you cut them regularly. You’ll receive four different colorful perennials, specially selected for their ability to bloom prolifically, along with the popular Stargazer Lily and the beautiful Sorbet Peony.

Garden contains 16 plants.

A) Hollyhock Double
B) Delphinium, Mixed
C) Carnation Hardy,
Red Rocket
D) Aster Dwarf,
Bonnie Blue
E) Peony, Sorbet® F) Lily, Stargazer

This collection includes:
A Hollyhock Double Mix (3), Fantastic rainbows of mixed colors..

B Mixed Delphinium (3), In late spring to early summer, and often again in early fall, these colorful spires are smothered with double florets in rich pastel hues..

C Red Rocket Hardy Carnation (scarlet) (3), Cheerful scarlet red carnations spice up borders, beds and rock gardens..

D Aster Dwarf, Bonnie Blue (3), Stunning electric violet.

E Peony Sorbet® (1), The unusual pink and white 5-7″ double blooms of this hybrid are as delectable as an elegant dessert..

F Stargazer Lily (3), Renowned for its dramatic blooms!.

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