Basket plants for the Container garden

Many attractive plants are suitable for cultivation in suspended baskets. For this purpose plants of a drooping habit of growth are preferable, as their pendulous stems, falling over the sides of the baskets, display the flowers or foliage to the best advantage. Hanging baskets are made of various materials; those of galvanized wire are the most popular, as they are […]

Trends in Bulb Gardening

As with fashion, floriculture also has its trends. Dutch botanist Jacqueline van der Kloet signals two color trends. “First we see a tone-on-tone preference; combinations of the same color tone such as bright yellow combined with dark yellow.” One of Jacqueline’s favorite yellow combinations is: yellow Dahlias, Begonias, Buttercups, Chlidanthus and Callas. The second color trend goes against the tone-on-tone trend, and […]