The Best flowers to Plant for the Most Colourful Garden

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Our gardens endow our homes with an aesthetic ambience that it is almost impossible to have a complete home in the absence of a colourful garden. However, when you look closely the centrepiece of any garden lies in colour. Colour gives your garden life, mood, and disposition. Therefore, when choosing flowers for your garden from Florist Belfast you need to pay special attention to the overall colour combination. For instance, some colours are serene while others will give your garden an energizing effect. If you have an idea of the effect you want for your garden, then it becomes easy to choose the best flowers. However, remember that it is your garden and it is meant to make you happy therefore you can have any combination you desire. Here are some guidelines to assist you towards the best flowers to plant for the most colourful garden.


Most people think of dark colours and what comes to mind is a boring and dull effect. However, when it comes to flowers dark colours such as purple and blue actually have a calming effect. If you desire to create a serene atmosphere in your garden where you can read your favourite novel or have peaceful yoga sessions, then you should definitely go for flowers with dark colours. Examples include blue hibiscus, angelface, bellflower, skyflower, and spring starflower. What you need to know about dark colours is that they have a magnifying effect on space. Therefore, if you have a small garden you might want to use more of dark colours to give it a more spacious appearance. Dark colours also blend perfectly with neutral colours therefore you can have a combination of the two without worrying too much about a clashing effect.


Bright colours include shades of orange, yellow, and red. Bright colours have exactly the opposite effect created by dark colours. Bright colours focalize and magnify your attention therefore they have an energizing effect. They are the best flowers to brighten your moods during those afternoons you find yourself extremely fatigued and low. Bright colours are perfect for creating a partying atmosphere in your garden therefore you can have a desired combination of bright colours whenever you are holding parties. However, when working with bright colours it is necessary to practice moderation because too much of bright colours, especially red, can be irritating. When combined with bright colours, neutral colours, will have a perfect moderating effect.


AS the name suggest neutral colours are neutral and they will only moderate but not alter the desired effect when combined with other colours. White flowers fall under this category. However, when working with white you have to be cautious because depending on the time of the day, white flowers can be considered bright. White flowers shine early in the morning and after dark. However, during the day they will have little effect on your garden. If you are the kind of person who visits your garden early in the morning or late in the evening, then you should probably consider adding white flowers in your garden to give it a bright, fresh, and energizing effect.


Harmonizing colours to end up with a desirable effect is often a challenge to most people. When mixing colours one things to avoid is colour clashing. The only way to do this is to use a colour wheel which you can easily get from any stationery outlet in your locality. Always use colours next to each on the colour wheel and you will never go wrong when flowers of different colours for your garden. The farther you go from a given colour in the wheel the more likely you are to colour clash.

The best flowers to plant for the most colourful garden depends on your desired effect. Everyone needs a garden that makes them happy therefore people will have unique preferences when it comes to the choice of flowers for their garden. However, it is important to note that the colour of the flowers play a key role in giving you the atmosphere you desire for your garden. In essence, the guidelines outlined above are meant to assure you of a desired effect whatever combination you choose. You can be adventurous and play around with different colours until you end up with what makes you happy as long as you follow this guide.

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