3 Creative Ideas to Spice up Your Rose Garden

3 Creative Ideas to Spice up Your Rose Garden

I remember my parents telling me that I would grow out of my love of roses. It was a phase that children went through before they knew anything about flowers. I think they just didn’t want me to be a cliché! However, all these years later and roses are still my favorite type of flower. Even with a range of gardening experience and a nice variety of useful herbs and veggies growing, I get a special pleasure from growing roses.

Of course, if you are going to be as much of a cliché as I proudly am, you need to do a bit more to make your rose garden interesting. Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY projects that can take a beautiful rose garden and make it a real centerpiece.

Here are 3 creative ideas.

Build a Stone Garden Wall

The thing about roses is that they are already perfect. You can’t take something nature got right and make it better with manmade materials. That’s why you need to focus on accessorizing your rose garden. A great way to do this is by building a stone garden wall.

A stone wall for your garden is a really good idea both for practicality and aesthetics. It works well in any type of garden. However, it is particularly striking with a rose garden. It draws your eye, before bringing your focus to the real point of attention. Neither the roses nor the stones compromise or minimize each other’s beauty in any way. Rather, they complement each other perfectly.

Spread Out

What’s better than one rose garden? Many rose gardens! Which is why you should consider spreading your roses out around your garden. Instead of concentrating them all in their own garden, use them to bring life to the rest of their surroundings.

I particularly like using roses of different shades around the garden. That way, it doesn’t just feel like you’ve split them up – they each have their own place and provide their own charm.

Of course, you’re going to have to consider whether they cohere with your other plants. I don’t recommend planting roses in your vegetable garden! Also, if you’re growing other striking flowers that deserve their own space, give them that. Orchids, for example, need their own spotlight!


Finally, one of the most popular ways to spice up a rose garden is to use different color roses to create patterns. You can have rows of each different shade, or small square boxes creating one big square. You could even have spirals, although they often end up looking like a regular clump of roses.

Symmetry is important, even if you have a knack for working outside the box. Unless you have a truly good eye for creating all sorts of interesting patterns that don’t look like confusing pieces of modern art, your asymmetrical rose garden will end up looking like one big mistake.

Roses are perfect, in my opinion. But you can and should present them in creative and fun ways. Spruce up your rose garden with these simple tips and it will be the envy of the neighbors.

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