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LINARIA Toadflax

(From Linum-flax; refers to fact that foliage is like that of flax)

The Toadflax or Butter-and-eggs, growing along railway embankments, is familiar to all. This is related to the group of annuals known as Linaria. Apparently the cataloged sorts are hybrids of L. reticulata and L. biparlita. The flowers are lipped, long-spurred and borne in dainty spikes. They range in color from yellow to crimson and light pink and purple, and grow 1 foot to 3 feet tall.


Where to Plant. They make but little garden display unless sown thickly, but are useful for cutting, as their tiny flowered spikes will serve as a filler among larger flowers. They should be attractive for rock garden use.

GENERAL. Sow the seeds where they are to bloom in May.


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