Growing and Caring for Delphiniums

These beautiful perennial plants require cool growing conditions if first class specimens are to be produced, and are well suited to the North West, although it is possible to obtain reasonable plants in other areas by raising them from seed at frequent intervals. They are used most frequently in herbaceous borders, mixed borders, and in front of shrubs. Few flowers […]


There are lots of signs that summer has arrived—children get out of school, otherwise normal men get out of regular clothes and into lime green golf pants, and, in many gardens, the weeds get out of hand. To me summer means hollyhocks. Flower fads come and go like UFO sitings, but hollyhocks, those tall, lanky members of the mallow family, […]

Delphinium Society Membership Application

Membership application UK, Ireland £6 International, Sterling Money order or Bank Draft £8 or $15 USD No personal cheques in foreign currency nor credit card payments can be accepted. Eurocheques are unacceptable. Please write to Shirley E. Bassett, “Summerfield” Church Road Biddestone Chippenham WILTSHIRE SN14 7DP UK Officers – Plant Care – Potting Compost – How to plant

Delphinium – Perennial Plant, How to grow

From the Greek dolphin, a dolphin, the flowerbuds having some resemblance to that sea creature (Ranunculaceae). Larkspur. The genus consists of annual, biennial and herbaceous perennial plants, mostly hardy and showy plants for border cultivation, with some dwarf species suitable for the rock garden. Perennial D. brunonianum, 1-11 feet, light purple, June and July, western China. D. cardinale, 2-3 feet, […]