Siberian Iris

A mid season colorby F. W. Cassebeer Friends and family who visit my garden when the Iris is bloom, often exclaim, “Aren’t these colorful! What type of Iris are they?” They are referring to the Siberian Irises, which are planted in long drifts above the bog garden path. Apparently, for all their graceful beauty, with flowers poised like resting butterflies […]

Growing bulbs to flower indoors

If you plan it, you can cut winter short. You can order spring to come to your house 8 to 12 weeks early. Do this simply by adopting the florists’ methods of forcing tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths into bloom weeks ahead of normal season outdoors. Buy your bulbs in the fall. Keep them dry and in a cool spot between […]

Heat, Drought and Roses

Heat, Drought and Roses By R. M. Hatton Just what we will get from our Roses during the trying month of July will depend on how the beds were prepared before planting, and whether the plants have been kept free from disease and kept well fed and watered up to date. If the plants are healthy and the weather is […]

Lily-of-the-Valley Tree

Lily-of-the-Valley Tree By LOUISE WEICK. (Calif.) When misty trade-winds dump their cool gray fogs over the Golden Gate during midsummer, that is the time when the Lily-of-the-Valley Tree adorns itself with myriads of small ivory white bells that toss their perfume on the air as the boughs play with the breezes. Having practically no competitors among flowering trees at that […]


Platycodons By O. R. TIEMANN, (MO.) July is a difficult month for most flowers but the lovely Platycodons seem not to mind its heat at all. We could not be without them at that trying time to produce blossoms both to brighten the borders and for cool bouquets. The flowers are bell-shaped or sometimes open out star-shaped, large and in […]

Heirloom, Off Beat Vegetables

by M. Carlton The women who says she doesn’t care for vegetable gardening ought to try some off beat crops that are fun to grow. There isn’t much that is stimulating about cabbage for winter storage, or potatoes no better than the ones you can buy at the corner grocery. Yet even cabbages and potatoes are fun to grow, if […]

Double Hollyhocks for Your Perennial Border

  Double Hollyhocks for Your Perennial Border by J. LOWE All gardeners are familiar with tall single hollyhocks which can be used so effectively to screen an ugly view, or to soften the harsh lines of a bare wall. But few realize that the single variety has an even richer looking more stately relative-the double hollyhock. Unlike the single with […]

Growing Delphiniums From Seed

By L. BRUGGEMANN Much has been written regarding the difficulties encountered in growing Delphiniums from seed. To my way of thinking, these difficulties have been greatly over-emphasized with the result that gardeners either lave been reluctant to try sowing Delphinium seeds, thus depriving themselves of a great deal of pleasure, or they have over done the operation, using too many […]

Flowers for Food

  Flowers for Food by M. R. JACOBS, (Ky.) Certain flowers have considerable food value. Gardeners trying to avoid all waste will wish to make use of some of them. Flowers of pumpkin and squash probably should head the list. Those who have grown them know that the flowers of these vines are of two sorts, pistillate flowers with tiny […]

The 10 most-asked questions about bulbs

The 10 most-asked questions about bulbs Do bulbs need fertiliser? If so, when? If the choice of bulbs has been adapted to the local conditions, no fertiliser is necessary, in principle. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that they bloom next season, some fertiliser (preferable organic) could be given, immediately after bloom time. Could you trim off the […]