What you should know about Daffodils

The first thing you should know about daffodils is that it’s smart to choose the ones you want while they’re still in bloom in the spring. If you miss the boat this spring, your best bet is to read carefully the descriptions in next fall’s seed and nursery catalogs. The second thing you need to know is something about the […]

Bulb Blues

Not long ago, I was talking to a gardening friend. The subject was spring bulbs, and her lament was that she just didn’t have the time to get them in the ground. “I’ve given up buying bulbs,” she said, “because every year they end up rotting in my garage.” I can sympathize with her, because of every fall, at least […]

Garden bulbs for the home and garden

They Play an Important Part in Beautifying Gardens Throughout the Greater Part of the Year Most surely throughout the year no flowers are more welcome than those of the bulbs (see Bulb) which herald the spring and continue in a glorious pageant of color until the first of the summer blooms commence to unfold. And the fact that they are […]