Garden, Corner

Turn a corner into a beautiful
perennial display with the colorful plants Spring
Hill has selected for this versatile Corner
Garden. While the diagram shows a garden designed
to fit into an 8′ x 12′ area, the 14 plants
can be arranged in a number of different ways
in any area of approximately 96 sq. ft. Whether
you use our corner plan or some other arrangement,
your garden is sure to benefit from the professionally
coordinated combination of Forever Pink Hydrangea,
which makes sunny or shady spots come alive;
dainty-leaved and fragrant-flowered Dwarf Lilac;
always-popular Pink Mist Scabiosa; long-blooming
Butterfly Blue Scabiosa and award-winning Stella
de Oro Daylilies.

All the plants in the Corner Garden do well
in sun or partial shade and will provide week
after week of beauty all through summer and
into fall. Every easy-to-plant, easy-care perennial
is a prime quality specimen guaranteed to grow
with vigor and produce increased beauty with
the passing years.

Garden contains 14 plants.

A) Lilac, DwarfB) Hydrangea, Forever
C) Daylily, Stella
de Oro
D) Scabiosa, Pink
E) Scabiosa, Butterfly

This collection includes:
(1), Extend your Lilac season! Unique
form of the old-time favorite has all the features
to traditional Lilacs, plus it stays in bounds
without pruning..

B Forever Pink Hydrangea (1),
Giant 6-8″ pastel pink flower heads hold their
color well. Hardy shrub grows just 3′ tall with
a 4-6′ spread..

C Stella de Oro Daylily (6),
2 1/2″ buttercup yellow blooms. Winner of the
Stout Medal, the most prestigious award given
to a Daylily..

D Pink Mist Scabiosa (3), Lovely
new cultivar bred in Ireland blooms continuously
from spring to late fall; the soft pink color
is deeper in cool weather..

E Scabiosa, Butterfly Blue (3),
Lavender-blue flowers with pincushion-like centers
bloom in spring, continue all summer into fall..

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