Garden, Easy-Care Shade Plan

Easy-Care Shade Gardening Plan

There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the color and beauty of gorgeous perennials in areas where beds are shaded from the sun. There are many delightful varieties of shade-loving perennials which can be combined to create beds of elegance and charm, provide a long season of floral beauty, and yet won’t require constant care.

This garden features eight varieties of perennials with a total of 29 plants designed to blend together beautifully in an area of approximately 50 sq. ft. While our basic design shown is an oval planting, the same coordinated perennials may be arranged in a variety of different ways to fit your planting area.

This island bed looks attractive from every direction. Low-growing edging plants, including colorful Hardy Primrose, cheerful “everblooming” Violas and nodding Lily-of-the-Valley rim the perimeter. Majestic, bushy Bleedeing Hearts accent the center. Anchusa Azureas provide a splash of bright blue while the exotic-looking Toad Lily provide intermediate height. And, as a finishing touch, there are charming Cyclamen.

Garden contains 29 plants.

A) Bleeding Heart,
B) Toad Lily, Matsukaze C) Cyclamen, Hardy
D) Viola, Yellow
E) Primrose, Mixed
F) Viola, Molly
G) Anchusa Azurea H) Lily-of-the-Valley

This collection includes:
A Pink Bleeding Heart (2), Long, arching sprays drip with dozens of inflated pink heart-shaped flowers with dainty white tears. Adds a distinctive touch to shady areas during its mid to late spring blooming season.

B Matsukaze Toad Lily (3),

C Hardy Cyclamen (3), Numerous exotic rose-pink flowers appear on 4-6″ stems in late summer to early fall. Mature plants have as many as 50 blooms..

D Yellow Perfection Viola (3), The more you pick, the more they bloom. Hardy, carefree..

E Mixed Hardy Primrose (6), Hardy and care-free. Captivating in borders, beds, rock gardens or planters..

F Molly Sanderson Viola (3), Intriguing jet black blossoms with yellow eyes delight from early spring through summer..

G Anchusa Azurea (3), Invaluable in summer gardens for their rich and intense blue flowers. Early summer flowering lasts for weeks.

H Lily-of-the-Valley (6), Clusters of fragrant, delicate white bells on 8-10″ stems appear in mid to late spring amid emerald green leaves..

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