Garden, Fast-Growing Sun Plan

Garden, Fast-Growing Sun Plan

Garden, Fast-Growing Sun Plan

Though selected for fast growth, this garden will produce an attractive “old-fashioned” appearance. The hardy and prolific Wonder of Staffa Aster is a splendid cultivar of England’s traditional Michaelmas Daisy. Stella de Oro Daylily adds fragrant yellow blooms throughout the summer. Double Hollyhocks are a popular feature of English cottage gardens, as are the white Ballerina Carnations, Mixed Monarda and Pink Coreopsis.

You can capture the charm of a wonderful English cottage garden around your home with this collections of 16 easy-care perennials. This garden was inspired by the traditional gardens of England’s countryside and the cheerful flowers they produce with only a minimum of attention summer after summer.

These showy plants will turn any sunny area of approximately 60 sq. ft. into a riot of color the very first year, and will continue to bloom brightly for years to come.

Garden contains 16 plants.

A) Hollyhock Double
B) Aster, Wonder
of Staffa
C) Monarda, Mixed
D) Daylily, Stella
de Oro
E) Carnation Hardy,
F) Coreopsis, Pink

This collection includes:
A Hollyhock Double Mix (3), Fantastic rainbows of mixed colors..

B Wonder of Staffa Aster (3), This hardy Aster provides lavender-blue daisy-like flowers that bloom non-stop from mid-summer till fall frost. .

C Mixed Monarda (3), A delightful mixture of white, pink, purple and red. Monarda’s frilly flower heads adorn gardens and borders for weeks in early to mid-summer..

D Stella de Oro Daylily (1), 2 1/2″ buttercup yellow blooms. Winner of the Stout Medal, the most prestigious award given to a Daylily..

E Carnation Hardy, Ballerina (3), Sparkling white flowers bloom prolifically, even in their first season..

F Pink Coreopsis (3), Enjoy months of lovely little pink, daisylike blooms – early summer into fall. Superb in the rockery, for borders, in containers, as a ground cover..

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