Garden, Foundation Shade Plan

Garden, Foundation Shade Plan

Garden, Foundation Shade Plan

Garden, Foundation Shade

This collection combines some appealing leaf shapes and colors that look sensational in shade. The three Ostrich Plume Ferns, with tall, feather-like fronds, and the eight Hostas, with heart-shaped, richly textured leaves, are particularly good companions to the beautiful collection of flowering plants that round out the design.

With the proper selection of shade-loving shrubs and perennials, you can give your shady foundations just as much elegance and beauty as those which are exposed to the sun. For this garden, we have selected a combination of Astilbes, Hostas, Ferns, Blue Pearl Polemonium and Hardy Cyclamen, and added the continuous blooming beauty of the Fairy Roses and the showy Sister Therese Hydrangea.

You’ll find this garden not only makes an outstanding planting for your home’s foundations but can also be arranged in a variety of ways to bring special beauty to any shady area of about 90 sq. ft.

Garden contains 24 plants.

Hydrangea, Sister Therese A) Hydrangea, Sister
Fern, Ostrich Plume B) Fern, Ostrich
Rose Fairy, Pink C) Rose Fairy, Pink
Polemonium, Blue Pearl D) Polemonium, Blue
Astilbe, Amethyst E) Astilbe, Amethyst
Astilbe, Peach Blossom F) Astilbe, Peach
Astilbe, Deutschland G) Astilbe, Deutschland
Hosta, Royal Standard H) Hosta, Royal
Hosta, White Edged I) Hosta, White

This collection includes:
A Sister Therese Hydrangea (1), Large white flower heads up to 4-5″ across adorn showy foliage mounds 4-6′ high and 4′ wide. .

B Ostrich Plume Fern (3), A popular choice for shaded areas near foundations and walls. Lovely long leaves make superb greenery in cut-flower bouquets..

C The Fairy Rose (Pink) (3), You’ll love this beauty’s vigor, health, hardiness and ability to cloak itself with clusters of seashell pink rosettes. .

D Blue Pearl Polemonium (3), A fine addition to northern landscapes!.

E Amethyst Astilbe (1)

F Peach Blossom Astilbe (1), Masses of salmon pink florets create spectacular plumes of color.

G Deutschland Astilbe (1), Soft, feathery snow white plumes..

H Royal Standard Hosta (2), Shapely, lush foliage. Scented white flowers..

I White Edged Hosta (2), Dramatic broad emerald leaves with a splash of white at the edges. Lavender flowers..

J Blue Hosta (2), Unusually large blue-green leaves. Lavender blooms..

K Hardy Cyclamen (3), Numerous exotic rose-pink flowers appear on 4-6″ stems in late summer to early fall. Mature plants have as many as 50 blooms..

L Green and White Hosta (2), Two-tone ornamental with lilac flowers grows 15-20″ tall..


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    I know that hostas are candy for deer, which we have. What could I use to replace the hostas?


    How may i order the complete foundation shade garden bundle? I need 2 bundles

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