Hot Bed Design

Hot Bed Design

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Bed Design

your own heated propagation bed for starting seeds
and cuttings. Start with a base of 1/2″ exterior
plywood over a 2×2 wood frame. Fasten 1×4 boards
to the sides. Lay out the soil warming cable according
to manufacturer’s directions in
x 2″ of sand or sandy soil. Cables must not
touch when energized. Disconnect when not in use.

Example: 2 ft. x 3 ft. Hot Bed
one – 1/2″ exterior plywood 24″ x 36″
2×2 – Two pcs. 36″, two pcs. 21″
1×4 – Two pcs. 37-1/2″, two pcs. 24″
one – cubic foot sand or sandy soil
one – Soil Cable #8003 or #8051

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