Lawn Fertilizer – When to apply

February Gardening in the South
Lets build a lawn

One of the very finest times to feed established lawns is in early spring….. in the North even before frost is out of the ground.  At this time plant nutrients can do the most good-needed nourishment will be readily available for rapid Spring growth,

And there are other points that make early lawn feeding a wise gardening move. It’s simple. All you have to do is apply 3 pounds of Lawn fertilizer per 100 square feet of area. Spring rains will work the plant food down to the feeding roots, making watering in unnecessary. Also, early feeding is effective. Complete feeding provides all the nutrients grass must get from soil for the best growth-a fact that’s mighty important when you want a lawn that’s deeprooted, thick, and luxuriant.

Remember, too, that lawn fertilizer helps to develop deep-rooted lawns and in this way increases the humus (organic material) in the soil. Soil becomes a better storehouse for plant nutrients and moisture. Aeration is improved, helping both root and top growth

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