How to Compost Feeding Your Pumpkin – by George Brooks

Compost Feeding Your Pumpkin (supplement) – by George Brooks

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First Stage of Pumpkin Mound building, broad tapered sides are formed to
capture the Spring sunshine.

Next, an area in the middle is hollowed out and a heating cable, (optional), is
laid in the bottom. It is then covered up with about 3 or 4 inches of soil,
leaving about 4 inches to the top of the mound.

This is another view of the mound showing you the cable and a size comparison
to a 5 year old. The mound can be larger but I would not recommend you make it
any smaller.

After the mound is complete a glass cover is put on top and the sides are lined
with porous plastic for additional heat generation. Hold the plastic down with
wire bent into a “U” shape and bricks or rocks.

The voids resulting from the mounding can be filled with Compost to feed the
Pumpkins throughout the season with a steady flow of nutrients. See
Compost Feeding Your Giant Pumpkins article for
more information.

* As
the Pumpkins grow raise the window up with boards but make sure you weight them

Frost protection: covering with blankets will protect them down into the lower

* As
the Pumpkin out grows the first stage of the mound, it can be replaced with a
Window Wall. Keep this up as long as you can until it is just too small for the

Even at the Window Wall stage frost protection can be provided by putting
supports across the top, then covering with blankets.

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