Windsor Pumpkin Festival – October 5, 1996

Windsor Pumpkin Festival - October 5, 1996


Windsor Pumpkin Festival – October 5, 1996




WINDSOR – A Giant pumpkin growers from the Atlantic Provinces, and

perhaps a few from outside the region, will be trucking their prize specimens

to Windsor’s Exhibition Park on Saturday, Oct. 5, for the 12th annual Windsor

Pumpkin Festival.

The Windsor site, sponsored by Atlantic Pumpkin Growers’ Association, will

be one of 19 locations in Canada and the United States for the

Great Pumpkin Commonwealth weighoff, which is offering

a top prize of $3,000 for the heaviest pumpkin, and $500 for the heaviest


Those prizes are in addition to the $1,000 for the heaviest pumpkin and $500

for the heaviest squash to be awarded to Windsor competitors.

Windsor will be the only Nova Scotia weighoff site for giant pumpkins, this

fall, because the Atlantic Winter Fair has decided not to hold a separate

competition. Instead, the Winter Fair will offer the Windsor champions cash

awards to display their prize winners at the Halifax fair site on the two

following weekends.

Danny Dill, Windsor’s site co-ordinator, says that Nova Scotia businesses

have again pledged their support to the Festival, making it possible to award

prizes for the top 10 pumpkins and squash; the three heaviest watermelons; and

the three heaviest field pumpkins.

The grand champion in the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth could also be worth $10

per pound, and a trip to California for its grower, compliments of The Nut Tree

Complex in that state. The champion pumpkin will be showcased as the

centrepiece for Nut Tree’s fall festival.

Events at the Windsor Pumpkin Festival start at 8 a.m., when registration

opens for pumpkin entries, and Windsor and District Lions Club holds its annual

pancake and sausage breakfast.

Giant pumpkins will be weighed at 10 a.m., and awards will be presented at 2

p.m. Stable Country will entertain before and after the weighoff, which will be

held in Exhibition Arena.

Windsor’s town crier, Lloyd Smith, will host an International Town Criers

Gathering at 1:30 p.m.

The festival will hold contests to guess the weight of a giant pumpkin; to

guess the number of seeds in a giant pumpkin; and to select the best pumpkin


Hants West Ground Search and Rescue will hold a Chinese auction in the

O’Brien Building at 1 p.m.

Maritime pumpkin growers were challenged by a wet July, followed by visits

by a couple of hurricanes in August and September, as they nursed their prize


But competitors in other regions faced even more difficult conditions, so

competition could be fierce for this year’s pumpkin crown.

While Maritime growers have held world championships for a number of years,

the push is on to beat the record of 990 pounds set by Ontario grower Herman

Bax in 1994.

In addition to Windsor, Great Pumpkin Commonwealth weighoffs will be held

this year in Ottawa and Rockton, Ont.; Roland, Man.; Smokey Lake, Alta.;

Topsfield, Mass.; Amagansett and Oswego, N.Y.; Canfield, Ohio; Altoona, Pa.;

Monroe and St. John’s, Mich.; Lockport, Ill.; Oconomowoc, Wis.; Anamosa, Iowa;

Republic, Mo.; Carnation, Wash.; and Nut Tree and Santa Barbara, Calif.

Contact: Danny Dill, Windsor, N.S. 902-798-2728 or 902-798-1082

Home of Dill’s Atlantic Giantâ„¢ Pumpkin

Atlantic Pumpkin Growers’ Association

Danny Dill

PO Box 901

Windsor NS B0N 2T0

902-798-2728 or 902-798-1082

Fax 902-798-0842


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