Is Composite Decking More Expensive Than Wood?

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Having a house with an outdoor space where you can relax or do anything you want is very satisfying. A deck provides a free space outdoor where you can relax, read books or newspapers, share a beer or coffee with someone, or even do your work. An ideal place for this is when you have a deck. Another convenience of having a deck is it raises the worth of your house if you are considering selling it, and it even adds beauty to your home. Building a deck for your house will cause you some money, so you must plan for it before starting. It is important to use materials that are affordable but sturdy. Some options you can choose from are between using wood or composite decking.

Composite Decking

As the name suggests, composite means a mixture of more than one material. When we talk about composite decking, this is a mix of wood fibers, plastics, and some bonding agents. They are mixed in a heated container, shaped into rectangles or any desired shapes then cooled. If you want to use composite decking for your patio there are two options you can choose from. These are the capped and uncapped composite deckings. Uncapped boards are cheaper than the capped boards. Manufacturers coat these capped boards with plastics that preserve them from discoloration and fading while the uncapped boards can fade after a few months of use. These types of boards are both durable and do not absorb much water, which makes them last longer.

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Covered Summer Deck Porch


There are a lot of wood varieties you can choose from when you want to use wood for your deck. Some of the top wood types you can choose from can either be cedar or redwood. They are the best option when you are looking into wood materials that are durable and have resistance to moisture. You can maintain these woods by reapplying wood sealer from time to time. They need extra care and treatment from you.

Which is more expensive?

Choosing the right material to use for your deck takes a lot of things to consider. The quality of your material will determine the lifespan of your deck. Here are some elements you can take note of.

  1. Price

Composite decking can cause from £23 up to £35, while wood can range from £11 up to £20 for one square meter.

2. Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost for composite decking materials can range from 150, while wood maintenance costs £760. The cost of the material you want to use is not the only thing that you must think about. You also need to consider the cost of maintenance. Choose a material that has a reasonable price, and can last longer.

Setting up your deck is a great idea for your house. It can provide more space for additional activities you can enjoy with your family. Building a deck is also not hard work to do, you can finish it in just a few days and use it right after.

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