4 Important Things To Consider Before Starting A Gardening Start-Up

Starting a home garden business is both unique and fun. Not everyone gets to do it and not everyone has the determination to make it successful. But pretty much like any business, it is something that requires dedication, research, and resources. You cannot just set up a business when you do not know how to get things right. After all, […]

Garden Ideas for a Rental Property

When looking for a rental property, many people require outdoor space to enjoy. A garden can be something that helps people make a decision to become tenants, so making the most of the outside space is key. But what is it that makes a garden attractive to renters? This guide gives you some tips. Just as with the interior of […]

How to make a Traditional St. Briget’s Cross

How to make a Traditional St. Briget’s Cross Below are three methods for making Brigid’s Crosses. Hopefully, one will work best for you. I have to give due credit to the geocities domain for the source of this material. I just came back from Ireland and I hate to see this lost via the internet. In Gaelic: Cros Bhrighite Rushes are […]

Online Garden Catalogs

Online Catalogs! Current list of online garden catalogs. If you would like to add your link, please add your link to our Gardening search engine or contact us for rates. Use the bottom contact link. You should always read the real reviews from customers. I’ve had my bad luck with one firm and still keep on getting wrong plants. Please […]

Garden Poems and Verses

You can submit your garden poems to the webmaster. Prayer in a Garden Today the world seemed cruel, but evening hours Were filled with perfume from forgotten flowers. I saw again familiar filigree Of moonlight through my lacy Lilac tree; I heard the robins stirring in their nest; And saw the path that fairy feet had pressed; Reflected stars were […]

5 Benefits of connecting with other gardeners through a small online community

Even though the internet is inundated with the content useful for gardeners, a closer look reveals that most of the information is overly generic and aimed at large audience groups. Content like that fails to cater to people looking for the specific information, as well as the communication that a small and intimate online community can offer. If you believe […]

The Pacific Northwest Xeriscape Garden

Provided is the list of plants to support a drought tolerant environment. These plants were planted in the spring and required frequent watering until I felt the roots were well established. After all my hard work, the first winter provided wind chills below zero and majority of the new plant growth was killed off. Lessons learned if I knew of […]

Pacific Northwest Perennial Garden

A perennial border is somewhat of a heavy maintenance project. When I started this project, the soil condition was very poor. It consisted of heavy clays and traditional tractor squish em hardpan. Even today when it rains cats and dogs (never in the PNW) the water just runs off to bog garden. To solve the hardpan problem, I amended 40 […]

Pacific Northwest Mediterranean Garden

  The Mediterranean garden is a nice garden which receives the afternoon sun. The soil hear was also very heavy in clay. I lost a lot of plants my first winter due to poor drainage. To resolve this problem, I mounded beds with soil to provide additional drainage. Lots of fun. I hate weeds and I am getting lazy. I […]

The Pacific Northwest Climate Garden

 As you well know, the world can communicate and share each others interest as simply as turning on the computer and viewing the feast of information on the WWW. Of course, my current hobby is gardening (family first) which started by buying a home. Don’t be fooled, all gardeners at one time were clueless and each day we continuously learn […]