Rock Garden Clug Prague (KSP) Study Weekend

Rock Garden Clug Prague (KSP) Study Weekend


The last was held in the mountain hut of the Masaryk University Brno, in Cikhaj, Zdarske Mts, Ceskomoravska vysocina, Moravia in October 16-18, 1998.


(in Czech, translation or bilingual speaking):

1. A lecture marathon
– J.Burgel: English shows, new Saxifraga hybrids
– V.Holubec: Altai expedition 1998
– Z.Zvolanek: USA and Canada, Alaska
– Z.Rehacek: Top alpines in cultivation

2. All year round
– short slide shows brought by members

3. Small hike to the mountains,
– visiting of a great witches broom on top of 30 m high Picea abies, diametre about 2 m!

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