Plant care for Dianthus, Carnation, Annual Flower Information

Plant care for Dianthus, Carnation, Annual Flower Information

DIANTHUS – China Pink

(Name derived from Dios-Jove; anthos, flower-Divine flower)

Admiration for Pinks is universal. These annual forms can be distinguished from the perennial sorts in two ways: the flowers are without fragrance, and the leaves are broader. China Pinks, Dianthus chinensis, are wonderfully bright in color-crimson, rose, purplish-red, maroon, salmon and lilac. The flowers are both single and double; the petals are toothed or sometimes attractively fringed, and 3 or 4 inches in diameter. The plants grow a foot tall.

In the United States the annual Carnations, or Marguerite Carnations, have not been planted as much as they deserve. The range in color is wider than those grown by florists, the production of blooms is splendid. Persons desiring flowers for Summer sale would do well to refer to catalogs for these fragrant flowers. Start the seeds in January to have the greatest good from the plants.

USE. Blooming as they do from early Summer until late Fall, Pinks are a constant delight both for garden display and for cutting.

GENERAL. The China Pinks are really more than annuals and if protected with a little straw in Winter, will bloom the second year. They should be started from seed each year, however, because they cannot be depended upon to live over. The old plants will bloom before the seedlings, which should be transplanted to stand 8 to 10 inches apart. It is best to pinch them so as to produce branchy plants. A rich soil, perfect drainage, and sunshine are desirable.

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