Achillea – Milfoil, Yarrow, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

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– Milfoil, Yarrow

Achilleas have proven themselves some of the most desirable
plants for the garden, mainly because of their exceedingly
free, yet graceful habits of growth. They range in color
from white to cerise, pink and yellow, and are often
combined with silvery white foliage.

species Achillea Plarmica flore-pleno, The Pearl,
has double flowers borne in dense heads of purest white.
It somewhat resembles the pompon Chrysanthemums. Boule
de Neige is not quite as large as The Pearl, but the
centers of the flowers are fuller and this makes it
appear of purer color. Perry’s White has much larger
and more compact blooms than The Pearl, some of the
flowers measuring 1 inch across.

Millefolium is
the common Yarrow, but its variety
A. roseum has handsome pink flowers and feathery

Wooly Milfoil (A. tomentosa) and the Golden or
Fern-leaved Yarrow (A. Filipendulina or Eupatorium)
are yellow flowered sorts; the former grows but
a foot tall, the latter attains a height of 4 to 5 feet.

All of the Achilleas are good to use as cut flowers
and for the border. The Pearl is especially good in
cemeteries because it takes care of itself in the grass.
They are often used in landscape work against a background
of shrubbery and some of the dwarfer types are used
in rockeries.

They are very easy to grow; in fact they grow so rapidly
that the plants should be divided and reset each Spring.
Any soil will do although they thrive best in rich,
well watered soil where plenty of sunshine is available.
Some of the taller Yarrows need a little support. This
is best given by sticking a few twiggy branches into
the soil, in which case the stems of the Yarrow are
held up nicely.

If the seeds are sown early, the plants will bloom the
first year. The large flowering clumps should be divided
either in the Spring or Fall.

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