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Growing and care for sedum

Sedum – Stonecrop

If there is a rocky spot in your garden you will desire a number of sorts of Sedums, for they are most interesting in habit, leaf and flower. Sedums are wild with us in America, but there are also many sorts in Europe and Asia.

SPECIES. Sedum spectabile. Showy Stonecrop. This is one of the most handsome of all Sedums. It has pink or rosy-red flowers produced abundantly in flat clusters. The leaves of this sort, are thick and juicy, as is the case with all Sedums. The flowers open in late Summer and remain in bloom several months. The varieties Brilliant and atropurpureum are superior to the wild sort.

S. acre.Golden Moss. Wall Pepper. This low, tufted perennial spreads over the soil. The leaves are small, attractive, light green. The flowers, bright yellow in color, completely cover the plants and open in June and July.

S. Sieboldii.This sort has round, gray leaves borne in threes and pink flowers produced in September. The plants grow less than a foot tall. In the Autumn the leaves become pinkish.

The following sorts are also good and should be searched for in catalogs if one wishes to grow more of the species:

S. album,white flowers, 4 inches to 6 inches tall.

S. kamtschaticum,yellow flowers, 4 inches to 6 inches tall.

S. reflexum,yellow flowers, 6 inches to 10 inches tall.

S. sexangulare(resembles S. acre but leaves and plants are smaller).

S. stoloniferum (spurinm).Purple Stonecrop. Pink or white flowers. Trailing.

S. ternatum.White flowers. Trailing.

UTILIZE. For perennial borders, the Stonecr8ps are dainty and effective edging plants. As a cut flower, the Showy Stonecrop is attractive. They are entirely at home in the rock garden. For planting in rock steps, between stepping stones, and for a ground cover the dwarf, sorts are unexcelled.

GENERAL. The Sedums generally prefer a sandy soil; at least it must be perfectly drained in Winter. Generally, the Stonecrop thrives best in sun-beaten places, but many of them may be coaxed to grow in shaded places beneath trees and shrubbery.

PROPAGATION. The propagation is simple: each piece of the plant may be rooted and will grow into a good plant in a short time. They also grow from seed.

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