Peppers : Ornamental

Peppers : Ornamental

Peppers : Ornamental              
Variety Days Flesh Color Type Scoville Rating Use Features
Floral Gem 65 Med Thick Orange-Red D – 0 Wax 1000 to 4000 Ornamental-Processing Early, highly ornamental with orange-red fruit. Pickled in the green state as Torrido peppers.
Marbles 65 Thin Creme Yellow-Red Marble   Ornamental A unique pepper variety with horizontal branches bearing many fruit that arel from cream to yellow to red in color.
NuMex Twilight 70 Thick Grn-Yellow-Orange – Red Pequin shape 1000 Ornamental Many small fruitin all shades of coloron a plantwith green foilage. An excellent’ choice for an ornamental planting.
NuMex Sunburst 70 Thin Bright Orange O DeArbol 500-1000 Ornamental 2 – 3″ upright fruit that are bright orange when mature. An excellent ornamental plant. Good flavor.
NuMex Sunglow 70 Thin Bright Yellow O DeArbol 500-1000 Ornamental 2 – 3″ upright fruit that are bright yellow when mature. An excellent ornamental: plant. Good flavor.
Pretty Purple 75 Med Thick Purple-Red D – O Wax 5000 Market Ornamental A purple, smaller fruited, purple leaved pepper with fruit having Sante Fe: Grande shape.
Thai Hot 70 Thin Green-Red K – O Exotic 80,000 Market Small, low growing (8″)ornamental plants with numerous small, 1 fruits. Very: Hot.
Varingata 75 Thin Purple-Red O Exotic 50,000 Ornamental A pepper with varigated foilage, white, green to purple. Fruit shape similar to: the Jalapeno or Santa Fe Grande.

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