4 Popular Pavers for Your Patio Upgrade

popular pavers for your patio upgrade

In a time when venturing outside your home is a rarity, you might have spent the past few months making the most of your home’s outdoor space. These last few months might have encouraged you to makeover your patio space to look more attractive and appealing. There are many reasons that can encourage you to install or upgrade your patio. A patio is the optimal outdoor space where you can entertain, relax, appreciate your garden, and enjoy the weather. A patio that suits your needs and mood will definitely be an uplifting addition to your home.

The pavers used to determine the appearance and the overall feel of the patio. Along with factoring in the aesthetic of the material, you should also consider the durability and the maintenance requirements of the material. You can employ the help of paving contractors who will ensure a quality install of the patio. There are a number of materials to choose from and here are a few of the popular ones.


Paver projects using bricks are usually inexpensive. Bricks are easy to get a hold of and suit a variety of different houses. They also come in different shapes, styles, and sizes which means that you have options to choose from. They can also be installed in a variety of patterns for a fresh look. Clay bricks have been used to build patios for centuries and they are still a trendy choice. If you opt for reclaimed brick, it will add to the appeal of the house and also be an eco-friendly choice.


Concrete is another inexpensive and customisable option. Concrete pavers are easy to install and sturdy. They can be changed to complement the style of the house as concrete can be shaped, coloured, stained, or stamped however you want. It looks good in its most basic sleek form too.


Bluestone has a charming bluish-grey hue. Bluestones usually need more maintenance than bricks or concrete as they need to be treated with a sealer which retains their colouring. The treatment needs to be done every year or two. Bluestones are recommended for shaded patios as they become warm easily under direct sunlight.


According to Irish paving of Dublin, limestone is a timeless material. Limestone is available in different textures and colours such as green, blue, dark grey, light grey, cream, white, and more. While not all types are suitable for the outdoors, many can be used for patios. Installing a limestone patio will most likely be more expensive than any of the three mentioned above. Limestone will be aesthetically pleasing while staying sturdy for years.

Having a beautiful and welcoming patio can improve your living standards. Not only can it be a space that provides you respite after a hectic day, but it is also a good space to get friends and family together on a lovely day. Patios can range from having just furniture to relax on to having a fire pit for a cozy evening. If you’re looking for a home improvement project, you can consider making over the patio yourself, or you can research and find professionals to take care of it for you. Either way, you won’t regret upgrading your patio to a space that everyone gravitates towards.

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