DIY Pergolas for your Backyard

DIY Pergolas for your Backyard

A pergola is referred to as a structure which can be used as marginally better for midday sun and cannot provide shelter from rain or wind. In absence of any roof or walls, a pergola can be defined as an outdoor space without destructing others. It is also a unique architectural blend which can be placed yourself outside and inside at the same time.

Your backyard can be landscaped with a new life by making use of a pergola. The common features offered by Pergolas are serving the grape arbors, even covering the walkways or Italian Renaissance gardens. In recent, some of your yards are defined as framing a focal point or passageway by using the same design. You can easily provide shade and color and including a climbing plant such as grapevines, yes, or wisteria.

Pergolas that has an 8-ft. square by default, which is very easy to modify and able to match your requirements. The best material choice should be Cedar and due to its decay resistance. You can just leave the pergola unfinished and it will consistently change to gray color. Even for the exterior use, you can apply the sealer or stain design.

Your Pergola purpose

First of all, you need to decide the main purpose of using your pergola. For sure, the answer to this question will provide you about the privacy you prefer, how to access it, the quantity of shade you would like to receive, and the required space to design. You can make use of the Pergola as living space with extended outdoor or to entertain guests with barbeques, giving the appropriate shade to fernery, or highlighting the walkway.

Before selecting the best pergola for your garden, you need to think about the shape and size of your pergola within the entire garden area. Some of them would like to design it as a freestanding structure or a few prefer to attach them to their home walls. You can choose your preferable structure but please think that it should be compatible with the architecture and size of your home which offers the more aesthetic feel and look, and authentic.

Pergola – Design and Shape

Your backyard or the garden will be added with flair by using the basic pergola which is much enough to fit. But an additional design with color splash will offer more aesthetic feel. You can choose the best shapes from the listed array such as rectangular, square, circular, and hexagonal. Each home uses common shapes like rectangular or square.

In some cases, user can mindful to make use of the circular shape which may not fit properly or does not provide aesthetic look and feel. However, you can use the semicircle pergola to perfectly attach the same to your home. In modern days, you can visit the store or any shopping mall to purchase the DIY (Do-it-yourself) kit to design your own concept of pergola with certain measures. DIY Kits offers a

Your Pergola – Right Material to choose

Please find below the list of materials that can be used to design your pergola:


This is the common material and most conventional to build your preferred pergola. There are a wide variety of wood available within the market, differentiate of individual choices, and assist in developing the fresher design. For older homes, Hardwoods can add appeal, more durable, and a little bit expensive. Also, Softwood comes with treated and very cheaper in cost.

This material can be used to design building the beams and posts. You can achieve a rich texture by using the combination of softwood with the Wood stains. Please be informed that you can plan to use Wood along with the wood stain. You can easily stain the wood by using wood stains.

Please stain the wood before you start forming the pergola or even before assembling. You need to ensure whether all the spots area are stained properly and will not be hard to reach the various areas.

Pergolas that are added with Timber material will offer rustic or organic feel. However, adequate maintenance is required for wood protection from termites, moisture, and/or fungi. Hence, we suggest using wood preservatives and good wood coating. Especially for outdoor wood, you can use the Oil-based preservatives. The remedial treatment on the wood can also be caused by rot. We suggest using the Western Red Cedar with naturally resistant to moisture and pests.


​There are various reasons why to choose metal pergolas over wood one. When compared to wooden kits, the Metal kits are very easy to manage and meant for the last longer. It can easily withstand the harsh weather, retain the same sturdy, and the sun’s heat is endured.

It is not required to think about the polished structure and this could be a problematic issue of wooden kits. It is also comparatively lighter than the wooden kits. This is the true information and might be surprising for some users. If you prefer light pergola then the metal kits are the best choice.


Aluminum allows is very easy to maintain and also lightweight. This material is the perfect and best choice for your pergolas in case if you reside near the sea area which can get away to corrosion from the salty air and humidity. For color options and extra protection, you can select the powder-coated aluminum.


When compared to wood, the non-decay material is referred to as Steel. You can use the chemically treated steel which helps to prevent the material oxidation from rusting. It is highly recommended to use steel material instead of wood because it needs less support, lower in volume, and very convenient to install. Hence, we suggest using contemporary choice, Steel.

Metal vs. Wood

The best ideal and major advantage of selecting your pergola to make of metal over wood is due to less maintenance that is required for metal. It is not required to add or stain any varnishes to the product (metal) and your pergolas can be directly used from the box. Wood material will have the capability to fade with age and sun, and also requires additional stain or paint.

However, Metal material can easily withstand both water and weathering. For ground anchoring, the best ideal choice would be Heavy cedar wood. But, the metal pergolas which are lightweight can be good enough to use on the decks, where your concern could be related to weight.

Pergola Costs

Please be informed that the Metal pergolas can be purchased depending upon your budget and the pricing ranges from $500 and up to a maximum of $3000. Even, the cedar pergolas also available within the price range of $500 to $1500. The Metal pergolas have two important factors that included within the pricing are:

  • Whether to include a canopy or not
  • Size

We suggest that the Metal pergola with 12′ x 10′ could be the least expensive one. Since it is smaller when compared to others and the pricing is very low. The Brown metal pergola with 10.5’ x 15.5’ is the most expensive one and has a larger size that also includes canopy with higher cost.

Metal Pergola Kit – Things to consider

We would like to inform that purchasing the pergola kit could be a challenging factor in case if we do not know anything about the product. But, it is not that much tough to get the most popular item.

Please find below the most important things that you need to consider before purchasing the pergola kit:

Price – The most crucial factor for purchasing the pergola kit is the price. The larger pergolas are very much expensive when compared with the smaller ones. You can choose the small sized frames if you think about the budget.

Style – You can prefer the pergola to be in rectangular or round in shape. Even the oval or square shapes are more popular but it may appear similar to a gazebo. There are still many unique styles that are available within the stores or via the online platform. We suggest you selecting the blending frame to match your house.

Size – Size is another important factor that you need to think about. If you do not have much space than the big metal pergola may not be the right fit. Before purchasing the product, the measure space carefully and make note the perfect information of height to width to length. Also, measure the depth in case if you prefer to place the furniture within the pergola.

Durability – Before purchasing the pergola, please check the features and make sure the fade resistance, wind, heat, water, and rust. These are the major features which can provide good shaped pergola.

Material – You can think about purchasing the metal pergola is an ideal choice. You can select your preference from the common choices like Steel, Vinyl, and Aluminum. Each item has its unique benefit and all are sturdy.

Aluminum Kit is the best choice if you are residing in heavy rain and windstorm area. Since this material can withstand waterproof and wind. If it is a Sandy area then you can prefer for Vinyl frame which is much easier to clean. Pergolas that are made up of Steel material. These materials can be utilized depending your own preferences and as well as your residing area location’s weather situations.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand about the Pergolas and its importance. You can also refer the document to know how the purpose, its shape & design, the best material to choose, and things to consider before purchasing the Pergolas.

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