How to Incorporate Indoor Trees in Your Home Design

How to Incorporate Indoor Trees in Your Home Design

With the constant rise of global warming and pollution, the planet is in desperate need of more plants to keep the life on earth going. Plants not only add to the beauty of the place, but they also release more oxygen into the environment and remove the harmful carbon dioxide from the air. Make your contribution towards the planet by including not just small plants but also indoor trees in your home design. With the right water and utility faucets, it will be easy to water and maintain your trees better. Plants will provide you and your family with fresh oxygen, effectively making your home a healthier place to live.

Utilize the corners of your rooms

The corners of the rooms are often the most under-utilized space and hence, ends up being a dumping space for random junk around the house. Keep your house cleaner as well as greener by using this space for large and tall trees such as focus, areca plant etc. The different varieties of focus are well suited to thrive indoor and since they grow best in diffused or indirect sunlight, they will be perfect for your corners which are often devoid of direct sunlight. On the other hand, corners with more light are best for palms.

Use the space between low furniture

Utilize that space next to couches and chairs to grow citrus trees such as lemon, tangerine, Calamondin orange, lime etc. There are a number of dwarf lemons, oranges and other citrus trees which not only produce fruit which you can consume but also beautiful fragrant flowers which act as natural room freshener for your home. While these trees can definitely grow in moderate sunshine, exposure to bright sunlight from time to time will boost growth and blooming.

Don’t let vertical spaces go to waste

If you have crawling toddlers or pets and need to save your plants from them, make use of the vertical space by planting vines such as ivy, bougainvillea etc. around the space. They grow really fast and with a little protection, they will soon be climbing all over the house and covering your walls with its beautiful blooms and foliage. These need adequate light so growing them around your windows, balconies and porch will stimulate quicker growth.

Build around nature

Lastly and most importantly if there is a tree on your plot, instead of chopping it down, build your home around it. Not only will the indoor trunk of a thriving tree be a stunning décor for your house, but the tree above will also keep your house cooler and encourage healthy circulation of oxygen. It is important to not only plant more trees but also to save the existing ones and incorporate them into our urban lives without killing nature.

It is very important that every single individual does his or her part in raising and nurturing a bit of nature to make the world a green and clean place. With just a little care and water, a tree can make a home a better place to live in.

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