Landscape and Sustainability – How to Combine the Two?

Every beautiful home has a great garden that surrounds it. In general, that is the whole purpose of owning a house and not an apartment, to have the opportunity to enjoy nature whenever you feel like it without having to leave your home.

Unfortunately, we live in an era that does not promote healthy living as much as it promotes the joys you have while living among concrete buildings, owning the most expensive cars and eating the food that we find easier to cook. Some of us even prefer eating at restaurants because it is a trend and it is easier to manage than cooking your own food.

Luckily, there are a lot of people that still want to enjoy healthy eating and living and, for them, we have a great idea that is most likely to make them really happy. Instead of landscaping your garden using flowers and decorative plants, why not do it using edible plants?

Owning a vegetable garden does not mean that you have to find a comfortable seat in your tractor and spend all your day gardening. It simply means that you can choose plants that do not require more work than decorative ones do and enjoy their fresh taste and healthy nutrients.

How can you grow these plants and still benefit from a beautiful garden?

There are many vegetables and fruit plants that you can include in your garden to make a beautiful landscape. Even if you haven’t noticed that before, many edible plants have beautiful foliage and colorful flowers that you can manage to put together to allow your neighbors to enjoy a beautiful view.

A good practice of people who grow edible plants is that they mix plants according to seasons so they can always look at a garden that has flowers and beautiful leaves. For example, blueberries have beautiful flowers that will make your garden look gorgeous during spring. Their leaves have great colors during autumn and they will make a great fence plant.

The essential thing you have to consider is how much light you have on your land and how to place the plants according to the light they will be able to get in every part of your yard. There are vegetables that need a lot of sun exposure, between 6 to 8 hours a day, but there are others, like radishes and lettuce, that do not need a lot of sunlight and tolerate shade.

Growing fruit trees is also great for having a beautiful backyard. However, you should consider that you should place them away from pathways because if the fruits fall on the ground, they will make a lot of mess.

Whenever someone says ‘vegetable garden’, people’s minds often think of boring inline crops. You are not limited to growing inline crops, you can create any patterns you want. You can make a plan and draw it and then plant the vegetables however you consider it fun and aesthetic.

How is edible landscaping sustainable?

If you have a backyard that has an edible-plant landscape, you are actually using the space to grow something useful. You save space, you eat healthier because as long as you are the one growing the plants, you know that you are not using any harmful pesticides. You will also buy less.

Buying less means that the food industry will reduce its pollution levels and we will live a lot healthier on a global level. Edible landscaping sounds great due to many factors that make it beneficial for a lot of fields. Starting small, with your backyard, you can be an example for your community and remember, great change starts with a single step.

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