Top Jobs to do in Your Yard Before Summer Hits

Top Jobs to do in Your Yard Before Summer Hits

With summer not far away, this is the perfect time to do a variety of jobs around the garden before the heat hits. Invest the time and energy now so your yard will be ready for entertaining and other summer activities.

It might sound a bit daunting, but if you schedule time for yourself each week to get things done, you’ll soon get through everything you need to. No matter the size of your yard or where you live, there are several tasks to put on your to-do list.

Clean and Service Equipment

If you didn’t clean or adequately store your gardening equipment (rakes, secateurs, shears, and the like) before winter, your tools will need some attention. You may need to learn how to sharpen shears, clean, sand, and oil the wooden handles and or the other pieces.

Electrical equipment like lawn mowers and line trimmers will probably be due for a service, too, so take the time to do this. Sprinklers may also need some maintenance. Once you’ve put all your equipment in order, think about what types of tools are missing and/or need replacing.

Fix Taps and Other Fixtures and Fittings

Broken sprinkler line

You’ll no doubt need to water often in summer. As such, check all the taps in your yard for wear and tear. Be on the lookout for leaks, rust, and other issues. Often these problems will need to be addressed by an expert, so residents needing faucet repair services in DC would be wise to check out professionals in their area.

Now is also a good time to clean out gutters that got filled up with leaves and much over the last few months. It’s not a fun job, but it is an important one. If debris is left sitting in gutters for too long, ice dams and pools of water can form and cause rust and holes.

Tidy Gardens

If the cold weather meant you didn’t want to spend too much time outside during winter, it’s likely that there are numerous overgrown trees and shrubs in your yard. If so, now that the temperature is rising, spend time cutting back.

Pay particular attention to plants overhanging your house or boundaries with other properties. Remove any whole greenery that has died, or dead branches, and relocate plants that have become too big for their positions. It’s an appropriate month to deadhead roses and other plants that need this kind of tidy-up job, too.

Freshen Up Soil and Apply Mulch

Now is an ideal period to freshen up the soil beneath gardens. Soil is prone to dry out and get hard-packed during winter, so add moisture and nutrients to revitalize it. Test the soil to determine which nutrients are lacking, and add appropriate organic materials, such as manure or compost. Fertilizer may be in order, too.

It pays to apply mulch to your flower beds and gardens for further support. Around one to three inches of mulch is recommended to help prevent weeds and diseases, and to retain moisture and maintain temperatures. However, when laying mulch, always keep it a few inches away from plant stems to stop roots from rotting.

Do Some Planting

If you’ve noticed your outdoor areas are looking a bit bare, take the opportunity to do some planting. Where possible, save yourself money by dividing bulbs from your garden and replanting. You can also purchase affordable plants from garage sales, local markets, home depots, nurseries and the like. You may be given cuttings from friends or family members, too, which will help to add more color and diversity to your backyard.

Fertilize and Reseed

Your lawn probably needs some attention, particularly if winter left it looking dry and patchy. Clear away leaves that have or could form a nasty mat across the grass, and do regular lawn mowing, though never more than a third of the blades at one time.

Aerate the lawn so the soil beneath it can better take in sunlight, air, water, and feed, and throw on fertilizer to help the lawn perk up more. Reseeding can also be done now to fill in bare patches.

Spend time completing these jobs in your yard right now and you’ll soon have outdoor areas that are begging to be enjoyed as the weather gets nicer. Plus, by being proactive now, you’ll save yourself from having to do the jobs in extreme heat during summer.

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