Welcome Spring with Your New Potting Shed

Welcome Spring with Your New Potting Shed

Springtime is quickly approaching and with it will bring new life in the form of budding flowers, baby animals, warm weather, and feelings of inspiration for what’s to come. The most anticipated thing about spring? Planting your garden, of course! Whether you enjoy a garden full of ornamental flowers or one filled with fresh vegetables and herbs; sowing, planting, and nurturing your garden is a favorite past-time for many. What will make your favorite hobby even more enjoyable? Your very own dedicated potting shed.

Why Do You Need a Potting Shed?

Having to search for your potting tools, supplies, and then finding a sliver of space to work defeats the purpose of why you enjoy this activity so much. Spend more time doing what you love and less time figuring out a way to do it. With a potting shed you can:

  • Store your potting tools and supplies in one place
  • A dedicated workspace to carry out your potting needs
  • Work even when during inclement weather

Choosing the Shed to Fit Your Potting Needs

If you do not already have an outdoor building that you can dedicate to potting, you will need to pick out the perfect shed plans. This is the exciting part! If you can imagine it, you can build it! We recommend shed plans by Mediage LLC at shedplans.org to find your perfect potting shed. When deciding on the ideal shed, consider how much space you need to work, room for storage, as well as city and HOA regulations.

Must-Haves for Every Potting Shed

There are certain features that every potting shed must have to make your workspace enjoyable and functional.

Potting Work Bench

A dedicated workbench or potting table is a must. You can achieve this in a variety of ways including:

  • A repurposed dining room table that allows you to work from all angles and either sit or stand depending on the activity at hand
  • If you have minimal workspace, consider a floating potting bench that is securely anchored to the all. This is a space-saving option that allows for storage above and beneath your workbench
  • A third option is to repurpose a piece of furniture such as an old dresser, entertainment center, or cabinet that has a flat top with cabinet or shelving storage underneath.

You can even combine these ideas to create a custom workbench based on your specific needs.

Ready to Use Storage Solutions for Soil and Additives

Increase the functionality of your potting shed by having the materials you need most at your fingertips. Soil and additives such as fertilizers are two of the most important supplies you will need on a regular basis. Instead of dragging heavy bags out every single time you need one of these supplies, consider putting additives in buckets or even metal trashcans for ease of storage and ease of use. Simply reach in with a cup and grab what you need.

Designated Area for Pots

Pots can be cumbersome to store, so having an organized system is a must. Have a designated area of your shed set aside to store pots. You can use the stacking method and organize by size or install shelving or racks to keep your pots from becoming a cluttered mess.

Convenient Water Access

You do not want to have to run back and forth from the house hauling water to your potting shed. You have a couple of different options. You can plumb water to your potting shed and install a large basin or farmhouse-style sink. Another option is to install an outside water spigot nearby, place a splitter on the faucet and have one hose run inside your potting shed when necessary and the other to your garden.

Area to Grow Your Seedlings

You will want to grow your seedlings in a controlled environment before you relocate them to your garden. Anything from tables to shelves will do the trick for raising your seedlings until they are mature enough to survive in the environment.

Adequate Tool Storage

You need a place to neatly store shovels, trials, aerators, weeders, and more. Tool hangers installed on the wall work great for larger tools. Bins, trays, and baskets are ideal for items that are too small to hang but that you still want to keep organized.

Install Good Lighting

You need good lighting to not only be able to see what you are doing but to be able to work when there is inadequate sunlight available. Enjoy your hobby any time of the day or night, rain or shine.

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