What’s on the Outside Matters Too – Tips for Outdoor Home Care

What's on the Outside Matters Too - Tips for Outdoor Home Care

We have all heard people say that it’s on the inside that matters the most. And while it’s 100% true for people, the wise saying won’t apply to all the aspects of our lives. For example, if you are a house owner, you certainly care about how it looks on the outside.

Obviously, it’s way more important to ensure that your home is safe and practical. That’s why you probably think more often about interior design. When you get back from work after a long day, you want to relax in a cozy, peaceful living room, cook in a spacious, well-organized kitchen, and go to sleep in a comfortable bedroom.

Only then can you think about the outdoors. However, we are here to convince you that what’s on the outside matters too, especially regarding properties. After all, you surely want to enjoy long summer evenings, fresh spring afternoons, and chilly, sunny autumn days in your backyard. And to be able to do so, you need to pay some attention to outdoor home care as well.

Below, you will find some valuable tips on how to make your house look appealing, how to take care of your garden, ensure you want to spend your time there – and boost your property value, too!

Don’t Neglect the Garage

It’s one of the most underappreciated parts of a home. It’s where you store all the ‘garbage’ that doesn’t belong anywhere else. But, if you really think about it, your garage is actually important for many reasons, especially if you have a car or a workshop there.

Every single tool, item of hardware, and any other thing you use for DIY projects or to maintain your vehicle is probably kept there. So, it’s essential to organize this space properly – throw away the things you don’t need, arrange the rest in an orderly manner, and install some new shelves, cabinets, or storage boxes to keep everything in one place.

Additionally, if you plan to put up your house for sale or simply spend a lot of time there, make sure to repair all the damages as soon as they occur, repaint the walls from time to time, research the benefits of the epoxy garage floor, and other solutions that might improve the space.

Choose the Right Plants

If you plan it well, plants can become a source of beauty, comfort, and relaxation. But these little pieces of nature also have the power to boost the appeal of your home.

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you will probably spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in your garden. Make sure to pay some attention to it and introduce some greenery there – flowers, herbs, shrubs, etc. However, you need to do it right. If you don’t want to work with a landscaping professional, you should at least follow some valuable tips on choosing the right plants for your garden and how to take care of them to keep your garden well-groomed and a lovely sight for sore eyes.


Flowers can undoubtedly add color, beauty, and pleasant smells to your garden. Sadly, you can’t just pick what you think looks the prettiest. You need to know what type of flower it is and the season when it will probably bloom. Then, you need to know what soil, moisture, and light conditions it needs to grow well.


Herbs are a wonderful addition to your garden for numerous reasons. They can add a lot of flavor to your food, they can be a lovely decoration on your dinner table, and they can even help you relax after a hard day at work – quite literally, you can pluck some leaves and make yourself a cup of herbal tea.


Shrubs are perfect if you want to add some privacy to your property. They can also help maintain the temperature and humidity levels in your garden and obstruct pests.


Trees are quite possibly the best addition to your garden. Not only do they help to shade the space, but they can also add a sense of seclusion. They are perfect if you want to get some privacy while spending time outdoors. Moreover, if it’s possible in your climate, you can plant some fruit trees or cherry blossoms for further benefits.

#1 Tip: Choose Native Plants

Among the numerous advantages of native plants, the crucial one is that they are well-adapted to your region’s climate. They require less maintenance, don’t need as much water as exotic species, and don’t attract as many pests as non-native plants. Moreover, they usually don’t require many pesticides.

So, if you live in a temperate climate, think about planting bushes like rhododendrons, dogwoods, and azaleas; trees like tulip poplars and sweet gums; and flowers like columbines and sunflowers. If you live in a subtropical climate, think about planting palm trees, magnolias, and red ginger, and bushes like hibiscus and bottlebrush. And so on.

#2 Tip: Plan the Pruning

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a safe and well-maintained garden, it’s vital to plan the pruning in advance. As such, you need to know what kind of plants and trees you have and what they require.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Well-Groomed

The lawn is the first thing you see when you step out of your house. If it’s not properly taken care of, it can ruin the overall impression of your backyard. And if it’s healthy and well-maintained – you can enjoy a nice walk in your garden, lie down on a blanket and read a book, or play a game with your children.

To maintain your lawn, you need to pick the right type of grass, ensure that it gets enough water, nutrition, and sun, and arrange regular mowing. Remember to fertilize it regularly to help it grow healthier, be greener, and better withstand the heat. Choose a fertilizer suitable for your grass type and use it according to the instructions.

Then, you need to take care of leaves and other debris that fall from trees. When it comes to pest control, it’s vital to keep in mind that you can’t just spray harmful chemicals around your property. You have to find a solution to help you deal with the problem without harming the environment or your family.

When it comes to pruning, keep in mind that different grass types require different types of trimming, e.g., vertical or horizontal cut. Also, you need to know when to cut your lawn.

Mulch Matters

Mulching can help you make your garden more attractive, improve soil quality, and increase the amount of moisture in the ground. It’s a great way to keep your plants healthy and reduce the number of weeds. Plus, it makes watering your garden easier, especially if you have a large area of land.

You can mulch leaves, straw, hay, pine bark, wood chips, and other organic matter that will benefit your plants. First, you need to remove all the debris from your garden. Then, spread a layer of mulch on top of the soil so it covers all the plants. Make sure to leave a few inches around the base of the plant so it can still get some sunshine.

Take Care of Your Garden – It’s Worth It

If you want your garden to look gorgeous and stay healthy, you need to take good care of it. It’s worth the time and effort – you can relax there, work on your DIY project, spend time with your family, and grow your own veggies.

However, if you’re too busy or too tired to take care of it yourself, you can always hire a gardening service. However, consider your options carefully – make sure they use eco-friendly products and know what they are doing – just like you should if you do it on your own.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s 100% worth it!

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