A Guide to Finding the Perfect Cordless Drill for Your Gardening Needs

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Cordless Drill for Your Gardening Needs

If you are looking to add a cordless drill to your tool collection shopping for one can seem to be a daunting task. There are a lot of drills and drivers on the market with a host of different features and prices. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and not be sure of exactly which tool you need. Instead of falling victim to the claims made by cordless drill reviews, use them to help you decide which tool and features fit your needs the best.

How To Get The Best Drill or Driver

To get the best tool it is important to figure out what you need before you start shopping around. Think about what kinds of projects or jobs you want to complete with the tool. This will help you determine how much power you need and what kinds of special features might be important.

Types of Drills and Drivers

You need to be knowledgeable of all the different drills and drivers available and what they do.

Drill/Driver – This is the most common type of drill found in tool belts and tool boxes. It can drive screws and fasteners and drill into various materials when using a drill bit. It has plenty of torque and power to complete either job. This makes it a very versatile tool and a good choice if you want to complete a variety of projects using various materials.

Hammer Drill – This is somewhat of a specialty tool. It is made for drill and driving fasteners into very hard materials such as stone and other masonry. It hammers as it drills just as the name implies.

Right Angle Drill – The drill has the same power and capabilities of the drill/driver. The difference lies in the placement of the head of the tool in relation to the handle. The handle puts your hand in a right angle to the drill head. It is also called a trigger grip. It is perfect for those who need to work in tight spaces like plumbers and electricians.

Impact Driver – Another specialty tool, it is made for driving lag screws and fasteners of all types. The driver is designed to fasten with great torque while preventing stripping or over-tightening.

Cordless Screwdriver – This tool is a motorized screwdriver good for tightening and loosening screws. This tool is designed to only be used when there is an existing hole for the screw. Few have enough torque to drive a screw without at least a pilot hole pre-existing. It is perfect for those who repair electronics or deal with hardware and fixtures.

Kits Vs. Bare Tools – While this is not a specific type of drill or driver it is important that you understand the difference. A kit typically comes with the tool, a battery or two, the charger, and a carrying case to accommodate the tool, battery, and charger. The bare tool will be the tool only and sometimes a battery. If you do not have either batteries or chargers that are compatible with the bare tool, be sure to purchase a kit.

Choose The Right Amount of Power

Certain uses of power tools call for more power. If you are completing projects which utilize hard or thick materials it is important to consider the power or torque output of the tool you purchase. It is also important if you plan on using the tool for a high volume of work. The power output of the tool is measurable in a couple of different ways. One way is to note the voltage of the battery. The higher the voltage of the battery the more power output it will have. The majority of power tools come with either a 12 or 18 volt battery. However, it is possible to buy a battery with a voltage as high as 36 volts.  Since it is possible to replace or change out most batteries do not fall victim to claims about the best 18v drill or the best 20V drill. If the tool you desire does not come in enough volts for your projects verify if it is possible to replace it with a higher voltage battery.

Another way to verify the power or torque of your drill or driver is to note the RPMs. Most power tools have varying speeds to accommodate for several different uses.

Other Important Features

A few other features that are important to note include the size of the chuck and an automatic clutch. Modern power tools typically will have a chuck that will fit a bit up to a 1/2 inch in size. This will ensure the most variety in use and applications. An automatic clutch is important to keep you from stripping screws, splitting materials, and overheating the motor. The auto clutch keeps you from guessing the right speed and torque for the screw and material.

Shop around and compare prices, reviews, and features. No one power tool is right for everyone. It is the reason there are so many on the market. Do your research to find the best power drill or driver for you.

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