Coreopsis – Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Coreopsis (kor-e-op-sis)

From the Greek koris, a bug or tick, opsis, like, a reference to the appearance of the seeds (Compositae). Tickseed. The annual species are often catalogued under Calliopsis. Hardy perennials and annuals with showy flowers, excellent for borders.

Perennial species cultivated              C. grandiflora, 2-3 feet, yellow flowers, summer; var. fore pleno, double. Cultivars include `Baden Gold’, large golden yellow flowers; `Mayfield Giant’, orange-yellow; ‘Sunburst’, double yellow; Terry’s Variety’ semi-double, clear yellow; ‘Baby Sun’, 1 feet, golden-yellow. C. lanceolata, 2-3 feet, yellow flowers, summer; var. grandiflora, large-flowered form. C. major, 2-3 feet, yellow flowers, mid to late summer. C. palmata, 11-3 feet, orange-yellow flowers, mid to late summer. C. pubescens (syn. C. auriculata superba), 2 feet, yellow and crimson flowers, summer. C. rosea. 9 inches-2 feet, pink flowers, summer. C. verticillata, 1 feet, yellow flowers, summer; var. grandiflora, 2 feet, larger flowers.

Cultivation Coreopsis do well in ordinary well-drained garden soil and in sunny positions. Plant perennials during autumn and spring. Propagate single perennial species from cuttings in April, or seed sown a month later; double forms by cuttings in April. Split large clumps in autumn. The annuals are raised from seed sown out of doors during spring and early summer, where they are intended to flower, thinning the seedlings to 9 inches. Alternatively, seed may be sown under glass in a temperature of 65°F (18°C) in March.


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