Heliopsis – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Heliopsis - Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Heliopsis

Heliopsis (he-le-op-sis)

From the Greek helios, the sun, opsis, like, referring to the flowers (Compositae). Orange sunflower. Hardy herbaceous perennials resembling sunflowers, good border plants, especially since the more recent introduction of several good forms ; useful for cutting from July onwards. Species cultivated H. helianthoides (syn. H. laevis), North American ox-eye, 3-6 feet, rich yellow flowers. H. scabra, 3-4 feet, golden-yellow flowers; vars. incomparabilis, 3 feet, rich orange-yellow, semi-double; patula, 3i feet, large-flowered semi-double, golden-orange; zinniiflora, 2/ feet, orange, double, zinnia-like flowers. H. vitellina, 3 feet, double golden-yellow. Cultivars include ‘Golden Plume’, double; Gold-greenheart , double, yellow with greenish centre; ‘Light of Loddon branched growth. single. butter-yellow flowers ; Orange King , bright orange ; ‘Sonnenschild , 4 feet, golden-yellow ; ‘Summer Sun , clear orange-yellow.

Cultivation Plant in autumn or spring in sunny well-drained borders but never let the plants suffer from drought. An occasional liquid feed when the buds are swelling will help, or a mulch of compost or leaf-mould in May once the soil has warmed up is advantageous. Propagation is by division in spring.


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