Hepatica – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Hepatica - Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Hepatica
Hepatica (he-pat-ik-a)

From the Greek hepar, liver, from a supposed resemblance of the leaves to that organ (Ranunculaceae). A genus of three or four species of low-growing hardy perennials, sometimes included in the genus Anemone and growing wild in woodlands over the whole of the north temperate zone.

Species cultivated

H. americana (syns. H. triloba, Anemone hepatica), 6 inches, almost stemless deep lavender-blue flowers, March; vars. alba, white, rubra fore pleno, double pink. H. media, 9 inches, offered in its var. ballardii, large clear blue flowers, spring. H. transsilvanica (syns. Anemone transsilvanica, A. angulosa), 3-5 inches, lavender-blue, slightly larger flowers than H. americana, spring.  A pink form is sometimes offered.


The leaves appear after the flowers and form good green tufts for the remainder of the summer and throughout the winter. Shady rock gardens or shrub borders in moist soil suit them best. They will tolerate lime in the soil. Propagation is from seed sown in pans of sandy compost in autumn or by division of the roots.


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