Lythrum Loosestrife – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Lythrum Loosestrife - Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to Grow Lythrum

Lythrum (Iith-rum)

From the Greek lythron, black blood, in reference to the colour of the flowers of some species (Lythraceae). Loosestrife. This is a small genus, mainly consisting of hardy herbaceous and shrubby perennials from temperate regions. One of them, L. salicaria, makes the banks of many streams beautiful, and it grows abundantly in wet meadows, its long flower spikes coming in late summer when flowering wild plants are beginning to be scarce.

Species cultivated L. alatum, 3 feet, crimson-purple, July to October, North America. L. salicaria, purple loosestrife, 3 feet, crimson-purple, July, Britain; cultivars include ‘Brightness’, rose ; ‘Prichard’, rose-pink; ‘The Beacon’, deep crimson. L. virgatum, 2-3 feet, crimson-purple, summer, Taurus; ‘Rose Queen’, rosy-red, is a less tall cultivar.

Cultivation These are ideal plants for the borders of ponds and streams. However, provided the soil is moist, these loosestrifes will grow in any border. It is as well to lift and divide the plants periodically, and this is, in fact, the best method of propagation. It is best carried out in October or April.


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