How to control Aphids

Aphids There are many kinds of aphids and they vary greatly in color and in general appearance, e.g., ‘greenfly’, ‘blackfly’, `woolly aphid’, etc. Often the pest is not noticed until large colonies have built up, which can happen very quickly in warm weather. By the time the damage is noticed, the aphids may have migrated, leaving only their cast skins. […]

Outdoor Garden Archways

Archways These are often found in the older type of garden where much of the property is enclosed or divided by walls. Entry into the various parts of the garden is through archways built into these walls. Often the feature is enhanced by a wrought-iron gate, or where privacy or shelter from wind is required, a solid door is used. […]

Aromatic Plants

Certain garden plants are grown more for the aromatic quality of their foliage than for the beauty of their flowers. Their flowers may be insignificant, their leaves may not be particularly handsome, yet the plants are beloved of gardeners because of the scents given off by their leaves, sometimes in hot sunshine, sometimes when the leaves are brushed with the […]

Espalier Fruit Tree Training

The literal meaning of this term is a fruit wall, a framework upon which fruit trees are supported. A well-constructed espalier has an upright post every 3m (10ft) securely embedded in the ground and standing about 1.8m (6ft) out of it. Horizontal wires are strained at intervals of about 38cm (15in) along the posts, connecting one post to the next. […]

Evergreens plants for your garden

Evergreens have an important role to play in our gardens, particularly during the winter, when their value is so much enhanced by the way in which they brighten otherwise dreary surroundings. It is not, however, at this season alone that they add their lustre to the garden scene. In spring and summer, as well, their foliage, in many instances a […]

Growing Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Vines

This favorite American vegetable is really a kind of Morning Glory, botanically Ipomoea Batatas, but in cultivation in the United States it rarely produces flowers. Its wild progenitor is a native of tropical America, which accounts for the fact that the Sweet Potato is a crop that thrives best where summers are warm and comparatively long. Sweet Potatoes may be […]

How to grow Kale plants with kale seeds

Kale Also known as borecole, this hardy vegetable is a member of the brassica family. Varieties include the Scotch kales, cottager’s kale, thousand-headed and asparagus kale. All are grown for winter supplies of greens. They are particularly recommended to gardeners in very cold areas where winter cabbage and sprouting broccoli are difficult crops. Sow seeds in the open on a […]

How to select a garden fence

Two things are very important in the garden. They are privacy and shelter. The latter is often a problem in gardens that are exposed to cold prevailing winds. Both these points are important not only for the gardener himself but also for the plants in his garden. Young growth can be severely damaged by cold winds and frequent buffeting will […]

How to mow a lawn

Lawn construction and maintenance Most gardeners regard a lawn as an important, if not essential, a feature of the garden. The lawn may, in fact, be the major feature, being a big expanse suitable for garden parties and surrounded by sufficient flower beds to set it off. Alternatively, the lawn may be a minor feature designed to set off flower […]

Chrysanthemum – Perennial Plant, How to grow

From the Greek chrysos, gold, anthemon, flower (Compositae). A genus of over 100 species of annuals, herbaceous perennials and sub-shrubs, distributed over Africa, America, Asia and Europe, including Britain. The well-known greenhouse and early-flowering (outdoor) chrysanthemums are descended from C. indicum, found in China and Japan, and C. morifolium (syn. C. sinense), from China, two closely related, variable plants. Hardy […]