Hops and Mushrooms as compost manure

Spent hops The residue after hops have been extracted with water in the brewery is usually sold to haulage contractors who supply commercial growers with the entire output from many breweries and in consequence the amounts available for gardeners is somewhat limited. Much of the output is purchased by fertilizer manufacturers who reinforce the spent hops with concentrated fertilizers in […]

Growing and watering house plants

Growing and watering House plants There are two kinds of plant that we bring into our houses. The more spectacular are the flowering plants, cyclamen, azaleas or African violets. Unfortunately their season of attractiveness is limited. All too soon the flowers will fade and the plants then have little attraction. If you have a greenhouse, you can keep the plant […]

Greenhouse gardening

Few gardeners do not at some time or another have an urge to grow plants in a greenhouse. It extends the range of plants that can be grown so that those too tender for our winter climate can be cultivated and it is a branch of gardening that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Before purchasing a greenhouse you should […]

Grafting of Plants

Grafting of Plants Grafting The need for grafting arises from the fact that very many plants will not propagate reliably from cuttings. Nurserymen also find that they can raise more plants more quickly by using standard rootstocks. Grafting of plants appeals to many gardeners and it can be a rewarding and exciting way of raising young trees and bushes and, […]