Lawn Edging tools

Lawn Edging tools

A lawn is only as neat as its edges so the purchase of an efficient edging tool is an important investment. The choice of tool must depend on the amount of lawn which has to be dealt with. For the more extensive ones, a mechanically propelled type will be necessary to reduce time and labor. This does not mean to say that the hand-operated types do not save time—they do, for there are several ingenious designs available.

One interesting tool has a long arm, at one end of which is a trigger-like handle that operates the cutting blades at the other end. These can be rotated so that the vertical and horizontal edges of the lawn can be dealt with. The complete unit is mounted on wheels so that it is pushed along as work proceeds. In operation this design is comfortable to use, but can be a little hard on the hand muscles if used continuously.

Another rapid edge cutter has star-like blades which are rotated by rubber wheels as it is pushed along. A similar tool has cutters operated by a ribbed metal roller. Both designs are very easy to operate. The simplest edger consists of a pair of long handled shears. Several designs are available with such refinements as moulded rubber grips, aluminium shafts or stainless steel, hollow ground blades. Models are available which can turn vertically or horizontally.

For complete ease of edge trimming there are some motorized tools available which are astoundingly rapid in their work. One is powered by a 2-stroke engine and the complete machine weighs only about 12.5kg (25 lb). It is claimed that about eight miles of edges can be cut on one quart of fuel.

Battery power is playing an important part in mechanized garden tools. The battery-operated lawn edger is specially designed for the smaller areas. The capacity of the small battery is quite surprising as it is capable of allowing the trimmer to cut about two miles of lawn edge. The method of cutting is similar to that of the motor-powered model. The weight is a little over 10kg (201b) and the plug-in battery charger makes the recharging of the battery a very simple matter. One distinct advantage of this particular tool is that it is very quiet in operation. The edging iron or verge-cutter is a useful tool with a straight handle about 90cm (3ft) in length, to which is fitted a half-moon‑shaped steel blade. It is used for trimming the edges of lawns and also sometimes for making the vertical cuts when lifting turf with a turfing iron.

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    Cliff Hagen

    Lawn tools like lawn edgers help keep everything crisp and neat. Not only do edgers keep borders even and kempt, but can prolong the time you have before trimming excess growth in the garden. I want to thank you for this informative post.

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