The Rock Garden Plants

Welcome to Backyard Gardener Skalničky 4/2005 – The Rock Garden Plants Newsletter of the quarterly Bulletin of The Rock Garden Club Prague Klub skalničkářů Praha, Maříkova 5, 162 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic /garden-themes/alpine-garden/rock-garden-club-of-prague/,; www.skalnicky.czSeed exchange: is open to all members in good standing for the year 2005. The seed list is distributed together with this Bulletin vol. 4 […]

Rock Garden Clug Prague (KSP) Study Weekend

  The last was held in the mountain hut of the Masaryk University Brno, in Cikhaj, Zdarske Mts, Ceskomoravska vysocina, Moravia in October 16-18, 1998. Programme (in Czech, translation or bilingual speaking): 1. A lecture marathon – J.Burgel: English shows, new Saxifraga hybrids – V.Holubec: Altai expedition 1998 – Z.Zvolanek: USA and Canada, Alaska – Z.Rehacek: Top alpines in cultivation […]

Rock Garden Club of Prague

MEETINGS Annual meeting: Saturday, 4 March,  8:45 to 15:00 o´clock.  Lecture:  Jaroslav Baláž – Visit to the Turkish mountains Museum of Police, Na Karlově, Prague 2.Reports on Club activities, and awards to growers for their exhibited plants. Slide shows. SHOWS Including plant sales in the traditional show church garden on Karlovonamesti – Moran, Prague1, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (dates […]

Bog Plants Gardening

Selecting a Bog Plant Name Common Name Height in Inches Color Time of Flowering Acorus calamus Acorus japonicus (and var. fol. variegatus) Anagallis tenella Arundinaria. (sev eral vars.) Arundo donax Astilbe (various)   Bambusa Fortunei aurea Caltha palustris fl. pl. Caltha polypetala Cardamine praten sis fl. pl. Cortaderia. argen tea Cypripedium, spec tabile Dodecatheon meadia Epilobium. (various) Fritillaria Melea gris […]

American Primrose Society (Primulas) – Slides

Many newcomers to the Primula world may be a bit hesitant to try new species and varieties. The following list includes primulas for a wide range of habitats and gardening sites. All are easy to grow and provide the gardener with “starter collection” of spectacular blooms. With so many species and, at least twice that many hybrids, there is a […]

American Primrose Society (Primulas) – Chapters

THE AMERICAN PRIMROSE SOCIETY One of the benefits of an APS membership is an invitation to join a Round Robin. Information is shared in circulating packages of letters. For new members, this is a great way to make new friends and learn more about Primulas. What You Get: Robins are packages of letters by members of the Robin group containing […]

American Primrose Society (Primulas) – Bookstore

These prices are for APS members only. Membership can be obtained by selecting the link. All books can be purchased from APS webpage only. PHOTOCOPIES OF OLDER BOOKS: The Auricula. Rowland Biffen (1951) The Primulas of Europe John MacWatt (1928) Primulas for Gardenand Greenhouse E.H.M. Cox and G. C. Taylor(1928) Primulas A.G. Puttock Primulas in the Garden Kenneth C. Corsar […]

April Perennial Flowers

PNW Perennial Garden My old backyard in April. You can see how the plants are starting to grow in zone 8 within the Pacific Norhtwest. What’s sad.. this garden is no more. The people who bought the home lost it and it went up for auction. The new owner knew nothing about plants and plowed it all down. So stupid! […]

Annual Flower Information, What to know and how to use

Information on 50+ annual flowers Abelmoschus African-orange daisy Amaranth Amethyst Annual-mallow Baby-blue-eyes Babysbreath Balsam Bearded-tongue Belvedere Bladder herb Blanket flower Blazing-star Blistercress Blue eyed mary Blue-eyed-African-daisy Burning bush Bush-eschscholtzia Bushy Arctotis Butterfly flower Cacalia California poppy California-bluebell Calliopsis Campion Candytuft Cape-marigold Carpet plant Casor-bean China aster China Pink Chinese Lantern plant Cockscomb Corn flower Devil-in-the-bush Devils fig Diamond flower Didiscus […]