Greenhouse Construction Tips

Greenhouse Construction Tips

Great greenhouse tips and useful information to keep your greenhouse running efficiently.

Reglazing With TwinWall or TripleWall

Upgrade your greenhouse


TwinWall is a significant improvement for a single-glazed greenhouse.

  • Remove old glazing
  • Cut TwinWall to size using a box knife or a very fine tooth saw blade
  • Install new glazing gasket if necessary
  • Note panels have one side which must face the sun
  • Remove protective film from inside face
  • Close exposed ends of panels with TwinWall capping
  • Set TwinWall panels in place and secure with the same method as the old glazing.
  • Now immediately remove exterior protective film
  • Never store TwinWall in direct sun or film will not release
  • Apply clear sealant where TwinWall tucks into frame or capping.

Adding TwinWall or TripleWall to your wood framework is easier when using these special pieces to hold the panels in place. The Caps are made of a tough, sunlight resistant polycarbonate, and are weatherproof and maintenance-free.

Use End Caps on the top and bottom of TwinWall or TripleWall to close the channels. This keeps out dirt and insects. Also use End Caps on the outside edge of corner panels (Fig. 1).

The Joiner Cap is used to connect TwinWall or TripleWall along vertical edges (Fig. 2).

Builder’s notes: Drill Caps every 12″ for screws. Design framework 24-1/2″ O.C., or plan to rip TwinWall to 23-3/4″ wide. Cut capping with hacksaw.

Building With TwinWall

  1. Apply 1/16″ Glazing Tape (#1521) to framework.
    Install TwinWall panels on tape. Seal all roof joints between panels. Also seal between panels and framework with Foilastic Tape (#1532).
  2. Apply /16″ Glazing Tape to underside of Bar Caps.
  3. Apply Sealant #1520 to underside of Roof Bar Caps at screw holes. Install Bar Caps.
  4. Seal screw heads.




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