Tent caterpillars Bioinsecticide

Bulls-EyeTM BioinsecticideTargets garden troublemakers but leaves their natural enemies alone Only from gardens alive! Once in a great while, a new product comes along that truly breaks the mold. Bulls-Eye Bioinsecticide is one of those rare break-through products. A member of a totally new class of pest control, naturally-derived Bulls-Eye achieves results like nothing else now available to organic gardeners: […]

Biofungicide for the Home and Garden

Serenade SolutionsTM Biofungicide for the Home and GardenActivates plants’ own defense systems against tough disease What a difference Serenade Solutions makes! The perfectly healthy grapes left received Serenade Solutions. The small blemished bunch at right did not. Only from gardens alive! Only from gardens alive! Imagine haresting blemish-free grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers without a trace of devastating fungal diseases – […]

Roses 100% All-Natural Fertilizer

Roses Alive!T 100% All-Natural FertilizerAll-natural, high-potency rose food produces gorgeous blooms on vigorous, healthy plants Slow-release nutrients in Roses Alive! are the secret to larger blooms, more vigorous plants and stronger root systems that are better able to withstand drought. Only from gardens alive! Unlike other fertilizers, Roses Alive! works in perfect harmony with nature. Here’s how: as temperatures warm […]

Flowers Alive!T 100% All-Natural Fertilizer

Flowers Alive!T 100% All-Natural FertilizerSlow-release nutrients ensure a long season of gorgeous blooms Flowers Alive! releases nutrients gradually to help perennials bloom strong, year after year. Only from gardens alive! Do your zinnias, begonias and other annuals wear out long before the end of the season? Did your perennials bloom better in years past? If so, your plants could be […]

All-Natural Fertilizer Vegetables

Alive!® All-Natural FertilizerVegetables Alive!®Dramatically increases yields of lettuce, peas, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, melons and more! For superior crops and blooms this summer, mix all-natural Alive! fertilizers into soil after seeds have germinated, or when setting out transplants, then side-dress several weeks later. It’s a fact: Garden plants grow better in good, rich, organic soil than in soil laced with […]

The Backyard Gardener, Your Prime Garden Source

  Pyola® Insecticidal Spray Canola oil with pyrethrins — an insecticide from plants for plants Destroys all stages of an insect’s life cycle — from eggs to adults! Has a residual repellent effect on mites and other insects Uses only vegetable derivatives, not strong-smelling petroleum distillates Does not persist for long periods in the environment Contains no piperonyl butoxide Pyola […]


Soap-Shield® Fungicidal SoapAn important breakthrough in natural disease control! With Soap-Shield, you’ll pick fresh tomatoes much later in the season than ever before! Use Soap-Shield against septoria leaf spot, blights and other tough fungal diseases. Signature Product. We’re excited to offer this patented garden fungicide to our customers. Soap-Shield is more effective than its competition and environmentally superior. Here’s why: […]

Grub-Away parasitic nematodes

Grub-AwayT Nematodes Quickly controls a wide range of destructive garden and lawn pests Grub-Away is easy to use on lawns and gardens. Just mix with water and fill your usual garden sprayer. Only from gardens alive! Grub-Away parasitic nematodes are the effective, non-chemical answer to a wide range of lawn and garden problems! We think they’re one of the best […]

Slug & Snail Control

Escar-Go!™ Slug & Snail Control Now, nature’s secret slug control is available to home gardeners Escar-Go! lures slugs with a naturally-occurring substance, then kills them within days. Signature Product. Escar-Go! is a unique blend of iron phosphate (it occurs naturally in soil) and a bait that lures slugs and snails away from their hiding places. Repeated studies have shown that […]

Septic Systems Cleaner

Flow!TM Bio-Maintenance for Drains and Septic SystemsCleans drains and maintains septic systems without potentially dangerous chemicals If you could take a peek inside your kitchen sink drainpipe, you might see something like the picture on the left–a disaster waiting to happen. Use Flow! to clear slow-running drains. Flow! makes fast work of drain-clogging matter. It also keeps your septic system […]