Cynara scolymus ( Green Globe Artichoke )

‘Green Globe’ is perhaps the best-known artichoke variety. The flower buds are edible in the early summer, each plant producing 3-4 the first year. Each bud will be 2-5 inch in diameter with good tender hearts. Hardy variety does well in cooler climates. When starting from seed, do everything you can to induce rapid growth in the plants, because in the end it will result in a bigger harvest. Start seeds inside between February and March, and transplant out in 8 weeks, after the soil has warmed and there is no danger of frost. 20% of the plants will probably not produce flowers, so cull the smaller ones on transplanting. Space transplants 24 inches apart in rows 3 feet apart. If you want to overwinter the plants, cut them off 8-10 inches above ground in early winter, and cover with straw. Next season’s crop will be rooted offshoots of the parent plants. To harvest: cut the flowers before they begin to open.

Important Info : Fleshy flowers are the edible portion of artichokes.

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Cultivar: Green Globe  
Family: Asteraceae  
Size: Height: 0 ft. to 6 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 4 ft.  
Plant Category: perennials, vegetables,  
Plant Characteristics: edible flowers,  
Foliage Characteristics:  
Flower Characteristics: unusual,  
Flower Color: purples,  


Bloomtime Range: not applicable  
USDA Hardiness Zone: 8 to 10  
AHS Heat Zone: Not defined for this plant  
Light Range: Part Sun to Full Sun  
pH Range: 5.5 to 7  
Soil Range: Sandy Loam to Loam  
Water Range: Normal to Normal  

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