When I moved into my house in mid-February a year and a half ago, one of the first things I did was to walk around the yard, and try to figure out what the previous owner had planted. The winter had been exceptionally mild, and she had done little garden clean up, so it was easy to identify the remnants […]

Growing Primroses the Guarantee Way

The few requirements for primroses are easily met and are found in practically every garden. They do require shade throughout Mid-America, but this is always available on the north side of the house or in the shade of shrubs, evergreens, or trees. Primroses not only offer a variety of form, size, color, the habit of growth, but bloom (depending upon […]

Cenothera – Evening Primrose, Sundrops

The Evening Primroses are among the truly beautiful plants which anyone can grow in his garden. The plants grow from 1 foot to 2 feet high, spreading out and producing many satiny, Poppy four-petalled flowers of white, light rose and varying shades of yellow. SPECIES. Cenothera fruticosa and its varieties, Fraseri and Youngii, have rich, golden yellow flowers produced freely […]

The Primrose Path

The other day I was at my local mega-merchandiser’s 9,000,000-square foot store looking for a prosaic yet essential staple of the indoor garden—potting soil. Fortunately for me, othe really big bags were at the rear of the cavernous indoor nursery area. Trudging towards those distant sacks, I spotted a fully loaded merchandise cart bearing scores of potted primroses in an […]